Our 2017 election includes candidates for our Board of Directors, and a vote on our proposed restated Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Read those here:

Proposed Restated Articles of Incorporation

Proposed Restated Bylaws

An Election Mailer was sent to eligible Owners on Monday, May 1. Click here to view a PDF of the Election Mailer contents, which include an explanation and analysis of the ballot proposal, as well as arguments for and against.

This year, Owners have the option to vote online in our Spring Election! Owners in good standing were mailed a secure online voting password on Monday May 1, to the mailing address listed in their Ownership account. Those credentials were also emailed to Owners whose addresses we have on file—if you didn't get that email, you may need to update your email address with us now. This is a hybrid election, so if you prefer to vote by mail, you can do that instead with the ballot and envelope we mailed to you on May 1. Haven't gotten it yet? Check your spam filter for an email from Davis Food Co-op dated May 1, and keep an eye on your snail mailbox. If your ballot is lost, we can reissue your credentials and/or get you another physical ballot so you can mail in your vote. Shoot us an email (include your Owner ID, please) or fill out a "Voter Help" form at the big black ballot box in the store. Here's to 45 years of Democratic Member Control!

Candidates' Statements

Candidates for the Davis Food Co-op Board of Directors were required to submit their Declaration of Candidacy forms by April 3, 2017. The Election runs May 1—31, 2017, online and by mailed ballot.

Karen Rich

I would be honored to be re-elected to serve another term. The first two years on the Board, I served on the by-law rewrite task force and the General Manager Search Task Force that successfully hired our current GM, Prasanna Regmi.

This past year I have served as Board President. Under my leadership, the Board has successfully rewritten Board Policies and finalized the rewrite of the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws. If re-elected, I look forward to working with the board on developing sustainable growth strategies to ensure that the Davis Food Co-op will be here to serve the community for another 45 years. After I received my Bachelor’s degree at UC Berkeley and my Masters at UC Davis in Agricultural Economics, I started my career as a cooperative specialist at USDA. At my current position as Rural Business and Cooperative Program Director, Rural Development USDA, I am responsible for eleven loan and grant programs that benefit rural businesses, non-profits and local governments throughout rural California. I have conducted research and written articles and reports about cooperatives. I have provided technical assistance to new and existing cooperatives. I was instrumental in forming Big Trees Organic Farms, an organic almond cooperative. My board experience includes serving on the California Small Farm Conference Board including one year as President, previously serving on Oxfam America: California Advisory Board and past co-president of Congregation Bet Haverim.

Sharon Tobar

I have been a member of the Davis Food Co-op for nearly 20 years and, during this last fiscal year, have served on the Finance and Audit Task Force. Working with our talented Board of Directors, I have discovered that the fiscal and management health of the Co-op is strong. How fortunate we are to have such an outstanding management and executive team, and enthusiastic and talented employees! I would be honored to contribute my expertise and energy as a full Board member. My goal will be to listen deeply to your ideas for building an even better Co-op, so that we can be an even stronger heartbeat for our community. Below is a summary of my qualifications.

Experience: I am serving as CFO for a non-profit organization, the ZNE Alliance, which helps communities achieve the goal of zero net carbon emissions. I’m also serving as CFO for Jesuit High School in Sacramento. Earlier, I was CEO of a broadband company and taught at UC Davis Extension. I am passionate about organic agriculture and healthy food. As a a board member, my goal will be to contribute my skills and experience to ensure that the Co-op continues to prosper financially and to bring customers excellent foods, merchandise and service.

Dana Marsh

It has been a whirlwind year for the Davis Food Co-op! Our business is thriving, you can taste the positivity and optimism the second you set foot on the grounds. I want to continue my service on the Board of Directors because this momentum needs to be nurtured and maintained. It’s all about incremental ascension, constructive actions that continue to build, block by block, and establish a substantial foundation that will propel us into the 21st century and beyond by providing healthy local food for our community. It has been both a privilege and an honor to work side by side with the thoughtful and motivated folks on the Board of Directors this last year and engage in honest, insightful conversation and deliberation which has resulted in among other things new Bylaws that are written and are up for a vote to enable us to be concurrent with cooperative governance across the country. The Davis Food Co-op is a cultural hearth of our Davis community, from its emphasis on local, organic food promotion and distribution to the community outreach and services it provides are a some of the many reasons why I want to continue my hard work of our members, for our community that all make the Davis Food Co-op a beacon of light, let’s shine the light!

Treva Valentine

Hello, I am asking for your vote to our Davis Food Co-op board of directors. Having been a vested member/owner since 2007 I would like to take an active role in steering our Co-op to meet the challenges in this increasingly competitive business. After graduating from UCD School of Veterinary Medicine in 1985 my husband and I returned to Woodland where we have lived for the past 30 years. The experiences that will aid me in being a qualified director include my 32 years as a small animal veterinarian in private practice. This time has grounded me in the fundamentals of business practices and dealing with the public. For several years I also held board positions including secretary/treasurer for a partnership directing a small animal emergency clinic in Sacramento. My 22 years as a volunteer UC Master Gardener have provided board and committee experiences and the opportunity for invaluable community engagement.

I believe in the food Co-op model but am passionate about THIS Co-op. I want to continue the good work that has brought us local food choices, sustainably produced, and policies that continue to make us strong in this incredibly competitive market. When organic food can be purchased at almost every retail food outlet it is clear our Co-op needs to have the forward thinking and a business approach to keep us strong and viable as a food choice.

Your vote will allow me to give back to our Co-op after so many years of it providing for me. Thank you.

2017 Election Procedures

(Approved by the Board of Directors 2/13/17)

Nominations & Candidacy:

1) The Nominations Task Force will develop a Candidate’s Packet containing the following:

a) A description of qualifications for service on the Board of Directors,

b) A description of the duties and responsibilities of a Board member, including an estimate of the time commitment required,

c) A description of campaign expectations and Policies, and

d) A “Statement of Candidacy” form.

2) Any Owner in Good Standing (as defined in Bylaw IV) may nominate her/himself by completing the Statement of Candidacy form and submitting it to the Co-op by the start of the April 3, 2017 Board Meeting.

3) Each Declared Candidate is expected (but not required) to submit a Statement outlining his/her qualifications for Board service by the start of the April 3, 2017 Board Meeting. The Statement is limited to 250 words and should be accompanied by a recent photo. Statements received by April 3, 2017 will be included in the Pamphlet mailed to voters and on the Election Website.

4) Each Declared Candidate is expected (but not required) to deliver a Campaign Speech at the May 7 Annual Meeting, with a time limit to be determined by Staff in charge of the meeting.


The text of any Initiative Petition presented to the Board for a vote in the election must be received by the start of the April 3 2017 Board Meeting and conform to the requirements in Article X of the Bylaws.

Election Materials:

1) The Ballot and Election Pamphlet will be designed and printed under the supervision of the Marketing Manager and will include the following:

a) The name (and photo and Candidate’s Statement, if provided) of each Declared Candidate who meets the qualifications for Board service.

b) An explanation of the Bylaws Restatement Proposition/s and a web link to both the proposed and existing Bylaws.

c) The text of any Initiative Petition meeting the requirements of the Bylaws (Article X).

d) An analysis of each Proposition, approved by the Board.

e) Arguments for and against each Ballot Proposition, if 250 words or less and submitted by April 3, with a limit of one “For” and one “Against” each proposition.

f) Instructions for voting by all methods available: in the store, by mail and electronically.

2) An Election Pamphlet and Ballot shall be mailed to each Owner in Good Standing as of March 31, 2017 at his/her address of record before the commencement of voting on May 1.

3) Copies of the Election Pamphlet will be available to Owners at the Annual Meeting, and in the store from May 1 through May 31, inclusive. Ballots and a locked Ballot Box will also be available in the store.

4) All material printed in the Election Pamphlet shall also be emailed to each Owner in Good Standing for which the Co-op has a current, valid email address before the commencement of voting.

5) All material printed in the Voters Pamphlet shall also be available on the Co-op’s website for the duration of the Election.


1) Simply Voting, Inc. will conduct a “hybrid” election, i.e. one permitting both paper and electronic ballots, for the Davis Food Co-op.

2) Simply Voting will receive electronic votes from Owners, providing security and preventing fraudulent or duplicate voting using current best industry practices.

3) Simply Voting will receive all paper ballots, and will count all ballots postmarked by May 31 and received by June 6, subject to reasonable verification and security procedures.

4) Simply Voting will provide the Board with results of the Election by June 9 and will return all paper ballots and other records to the Board by the end of June.

5) Results of the Election will become final upon Certification by the Board of Directors at a duly called meeting of the Board, according to DFC Bylaws (Article IX) and Elections Policies.

2017 Election Calendar

Monday, February 13 Board Approves Election Procedures 60 days before start of election (no later than March 2)
Monday, February 13 Board Appoints Inspectors of Election 30 days before start of election (no later than April 1)
Tuesday, February 28 Mail Notice of Annual Meeting & Election 21-90 days before Annual Meeting (between Feb 6-April 16)
Wednesday, March 1 Election Procedures posted in store 30 days before start of election (no later than April 1)
Monday, March 27 Post Ballot Proposition(s) in store and on website
Monday, April 3 Candidate Declaration / Ballot Argument deadline at scheduled board meeting
Monday, May 1 Mail Election Pamphlet with Ballot; Voting Begins
Sunday, May 7 Annual Meeting between April 1 & June 30
Wednesday, May 31 Last day of Voting
Monday, June 12 Results of election Certified by Board at scheduled board meeting
Tuesday, June 13 Election results posted w/in 36 hrs after Certification, w/in 14 days of close of Election

2016 Special Election Results

(accepted by the Board in December 2016)

A total of 754 ballots were cast in the special election. The ballots were counted on Monday November 28, 2016. There were three community members in attendance, three board members (Ed Clemens, Sandra Schickele and Doug Walter ) and two staff (Prasanna Regmi and Dustin Lambert).

Each ballot was counted by two different people. There were 8959 owners eligible to vote. The 754 ballots represent 8.4% of the membership - exceeding the needed quorum of 5 %.

Proposition 1 received 692 Yes votes, 58 No votes and 4 Blank ballots. Thus, 92% of the votes favored proposition 1. With this vote - the members provide the BOD with the right to determine the beginning and end of the fiscal year.

Proposition 2 received 641 Yes votes, 108 No votes and 5 Blank ballots. This proposition did not receive as much support as Proposition 1, with the percent approval dipping to 85.6%- but none-the less a vote that could be considered a mandate to proceed to implement the option for electronic voting.

The Board of Directors thanks all owners for their participation in this election. With the passage of these propositions our financial reporting will be easier to compare on a year-to-year basis, and we hope that with the opportunity for electronic voting there will be an increase in owner participation. The future of the Davis Food Co-op is dependent upon your participation in this democratic process.

Click here to

2016 Spring Election Results

(accepted by the Board, 6/6/16)

E. Kim Coontz elected to a 3 year term as Director with 513 votes.
Sandra Schickele elected to a 3 year term as Director with 470 votes.
Errol Cabinian Dauis elected to a 3 year term as Director with 440 votes.
Dana Marsh elected as First Alternate with 396 votes.
Doug Walter elected as Second Alternate with 102 votes.

Final 2015 Election Results

(accepted by the Board, 6/8/15)

Ken Bradford elected to a 3 year term as Director with 414 votes
J. Faye Dixon elected to a 3 year term as Director with 404 votes
Tom Hagler elected to a 3 year term as Director with 366 votes
Vincent Ortiz elected to a 1 year term as Director with 357 votes
Sandra Schickele elected as First Alternate with 347 votes
Michael Larsen elected as Second Alternate with 261 votes

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Election Policies

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