Every year, the Board of Directors appoints an Election Task Force to oversee the election and perform other functions. The 2014 election runs from the mailing date for Election Materials, April 30, to June 6, 2014. Please follow the "Candidates" link to your left to view their statements submitted for the Voter's Pamphlet. Results are scheduled to be accepted by the Board of Directors on June 16, 2014, at a Special Meeting.

Letter to Members about our Spring Election, July 22, 2014 (text below)

Dear Member-Owners and Staff –

We’re writing as a board to provide a quick update on the major agenda items being considered by the Board of Directors of the Davis Food Co-op this week. First off: we’ve followed up on the bylaw eligibility issue regarding director-elect Ben Pearl (see below), and Ben has been seated to the Food Co-op board of directors. Secondly, in order to accommodate the discussion required to resolve this bylaw eligibility issue, we’ve moved our closed-session discussion regarding the search for a new general manager to a closed-session meeting on Saturday, July 26th.

1. In our board meeting on Monday night, July 21st, and in accordance with updated advice received from the Davis Food Co-op’s bylaw attorney, Therese Tuttle, the board moved to rescind its decision of June 30th (see our July 3rd “Letter from the Board Regarding the Election Results”), and instate director-elect Ben Pearl to a board seat. We’d like to thank you for your patience as we’ve worked to fully resolve this issue.

2. In order to honor the time necessary to resolve the above bylaw issue, and on balance respecting our responsibility to the ongoing general manager search process, the board decided on Monday to move our discussion regarding general manager selection to Saturday, July 26th, prior to a previously-scheduled board training session. The board will hold this discussion in closed session (as originally planned), in accordance with our board policy to discuss personnel issues in closed session and out of respect for the privacy of our GM candidates. The meeting is scheduled for 9 AM in the Teaching Kitchen. All members in good standing are welcome to attend and comment before the board adjourns to closed session.

Again, thank you for your ongoing patience as the board moves through these important items on the DFC’s agenda. We’re working hard to honor our responsibility to you as member-owners. If you have any ideas, questions, or concerns, please direct them to our board correspondence officer, Ben Pearl. Contact information for all board members can be found on the Davis Food Co-op website.

We’ll look forward to updating the membership early next week with our decision regarding the search process for a new DFC general manager.

In Cooperation,

The Davis Food Co-op Board of Directors

Links to Election Documents Bylaws
Election Policies

FINAL RESULTS accepted by Board of Directors on 6/19/14

8,526 shareholders were in good standing on 6/6/14, the last day of the election. As of 6/9, 953 ballots were counted from eligible voters.

Elected to three-year terms as Directors:

Karen Rich Firestein, 475 votes; Steve Reynolds, 378 votes; L. Edward Clemens, 361 votes; Elected to a two-year term as Director: Ben Pearl, 339 votes.

Elected to one-year terms as Alternate Directors: First Sandra F. Schickele, 329 votes; Second Ken Bradford, 299 votes

Also running:

Terrence Lott, 284 votes; Edward Diggs, 231 votes; Vincent P. Ortiz, 228 votes; Ruben F. Arevalo, 193 votes; Michael (Mike) Simpson, 134 votes.

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Link to page on DavisWiki for comments & questions about the 2014 election.

Results from past elections, and a comparison from 1999 to 2013.

Election Calendar, 2014

Election Event2014 dateBylaws specify…
Member Initiative Deadline Monday, March 17 45 days before mailing date of an already scheduled regular election ballot
Notice of Annual Meeting (in The Vine) Tuesday, April 1 Between 21 and 90 days before Annual Meeting
Voter's Pamphlet Deadline
for Candidate statements & pictures, and ballot arguments
April 11
@ 9:55 PM
20 days before mailing date
Mailing Date: Voter's Pamphlet sent to shareholders in good standing on 3/31 Wednesday, April 30 Set by Board (Mailing Date is the beginning of the voting period)

Annual Membership Meeting

(watch a video of May 20, 2012!)

Sunday, May 18 As called by the Board

Last Day of Election Friday, June 6 30 days after mailing date or later (if specified by Board)
Ballots counted Monday, June 9 after 3 PM in Co-op Conference Room (Two days of mail delivery after 6/6/14 postmark deadline)
Results available Wednesday, June 11 5 days after close of election
(Prelim. results available Mon. night)
Results accepted by outgoing Board Monday, June 16 Special meeting at Co-op Teaching Kitchen, 537 G St.

Running for the Board

You must be a Co-op shareholder in good standing to serve on the Board. If you're a member of a shareholder's household now, but don't own shares, you can run. If elected, you must purchase your own shares in order to serve.

For more information on eligibility, please read the 2014 Candidate's Packet, "You can become a Candidate..." (PDF file in the right hand sidebar) and the 2014 Declaration of Candidacy (also at right). If you have questions, please contact the Election Committee (below).


Voters are selecting candidates in 2014 to fill three seats on the Board with three-year term, and one seat with a two-year term (created by resignation). You can vote for up to four candidates. The top three vote-getters in the election will be seated to fill three-year terms as Directors, the fourth will fill the two-year term, and the fifth- and sixth-placed candidates will be seated as first and second Alternate Directors. Alternates serve for one year and vote at Board meetings when a Director is absent. Alternates are appointed to fill out a term if a Director resigns or is incapable of serving.

Any members who declare candidacy (using the form approved by the Board and available in the store or on-line) and receive votes can be elected as write-in candidates, either as Directors or Alternates. Candidates are invited to speak at our Annual Meeting; tickets are free to members and are available through this link.

No initiative petition that qualified under the Bylaws was submitted thirty days before this ballot’s mailing date. Directors did not place any Bylaw amendments on the ballot. This election will only select Directors.

Voting Instructions

  • You can vote if you are the shareholder in your household. If you’re not the shareholder or co-owner, you cannot vote as a proxy on someone’s behalf; proxy votes are not allowed in California Cooperative Corporation elections.

  • You can vote if you’re a shareholder in good standing on Friday, June 6, 2014, the last day of voting. You must invest at least $20 in shares in 2014, or otherwise satisfy the investment requirement in our Bylaws. You also must not have any outstanding bad checks to the Co-op or otherwise be out of compliance with Membership Responsibilities and Restrictions listed in the Bylaws (Article IV, Section 3; please see davisfood.coop/about/membership/bylaws). Ask a cashier to scan your Co-op Card before the end of voting – if no message indicates your investment is due or other issues, you can assume you are in good standing.

  • Ballots are mailed to all shareholders in good standing as of March 31 (per Article IX, Section 6 (A)(1) of our Bylaws), with the Voter’s Pamphlet. Do not assume if you received Election Materials in the mail that you are now in good standing. Copies of the Bylaws, ballots, and Voter’s Pamphlet are also available in the store throughout the election.

  • To be valid, ballots must be returned to the store by 10 PM, Friday, June 6, or if mailed must be postmarked June 6 or earlier. To be valid, a ballot must also be in a sealed envelope, and signed on the outside by the shareholder (or co-owner). Election volunteers and/or Co-op staff check both the signature and the good standing of each shareholder who votes. Please legibly print your name and member number on the envelope, to assist us when verifying your signature in our files. Ballots of shareholders not in good standing are not opened or counted; we make an effort to contact the shareholder so they can put their membership in good standing before the end of the election. If you want your vote to count, have a cashier scan your Co-op Card, or call 530-758-2667 – 111 to leave a message for Membership Director Doug Walter, or write to him with questions.

  • The Ballot Box is located inside the store, near Register 8 and the Help Desk; operational considerations made it necessary to move it from the location published in the Voter's Pamphlet. Place your sealed & signed ballot envelope through the slot in the top of the locked box. If you mail in your ballot in your own envelope, you need to sign the envelope, clearly label it “ballot enclosed” and send it to Davis Food Co-op Election, 620 G Street, Davis CA 95616.

  • Eleven shareholders have declared candidacy for the Board (as of April 11th). You may vote for up to four candidates, as there are four seats open. You cannot vote more than once for the same person. You may vote for fewer than four candidates if you choose.

    We cannot accept two ballots from one shareholder. However, you can change your vote using the ballots and envelopes available in the store. Write the date on the front of your envelope and that the ballot enclosed supersedes your previous vote. Your new envelope must be signed and sealed, and your name should be legibly printed. We cannot combine votes from two ballots.

Ballot counting and results

  • Ballots were counted in the Conference Room of the store on Monday, June 9, 2014; processing and determining the number of valid envelopes took until after 3 PM, but we were finished before 6 PM. Counting might be necessary on the next day (but is unlikely, based on past experience). The count is open to any member in good standing who is not a candidate, or a household member of a candidate, for election to the Board of Directors on the ballot being counted. There’s plenty of signature checking and other work before the count can begin — please contact Doug at the store to help.
  • Results are posted on the election display and above on these election pages at davisfood.coop on or before Wednesday, June 11. The full report to the Board was posted in the store on their board on 6/16.

Members of the 2014 Election Committee:

[The 2014 Election Task Force/Committee has been disbanded by the Board. A new 2015 Task Force will be appointed in the Winter/Spring of 2015.] Director and former Lead Desmond Jolly
Email Desmond Jolly

You can download and read the 2014 Voter's Pamphlet from the sidebar to the right.