Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Davis Food Co-op! If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for on this FAQ or related links, just click and email our Marketing Director, Julie Cross.

What’s a Food Co-op?
We’re a full-service grocery store that’s owned by our community. Everyone can shop here, and anyone can join. We’re locally owned, but allied with other food co-ops across the country and around the world.

Do you have regular food?
Absolutely! We have everything you’d expect in a grocery store. In most cases, we have both the mainstream version of an item as well as the natural foods version. (Where it’s available, we also have the local version, the bulk version, and our most very favorite version!)

In addition a great selection of groceries, we have

* an award-winning deli, hot bar and salad bar,

* sustainable sushi,

* beer, cider and kombucha on tap,

* a full-service meat counter featuring house-made sausage

* a fabulous bulk department with 800+ items,

* well-curated wine, beer and alcohol selections, and

* the best price in town on homebrew supplies.

All that, plus the pride of ownership, access to the most thoughtful product selection in town, and a great group of fellow cooperators!

What are your hours?
We’re open from 7 am to 10pm seven days a week. We close early on Thanksgiving day, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve & July 4th, and we open at noon New Year's Day. We’re closed on Christmas Day.

What payment can I use? We accept cash, check, credit cards, Davis Dollars, EBT and WIC.

Do I have to join to shop?
You don’t have to be a Member to shop the Co-op. But owning a piece of the Co-op is a fun and economical way to grow your community. Joining allows you to earn a Patronage Refund in profitable years, and you'll enjoy many other Members-Only benefits, sales & events throughout the year. Plus, your Membership shares belong to you – you can cash them out whenever you like. Our only requirement is that you have a California mailing address.

Great! Where do I sign up?
Get a Join brochure at the register. Fill out the short application, bring it to a cashier, pay your initial investment ($10 in shares plus a nonrefundable $5 fee) and you’re in!

Is that it?
Not quite – you’ll be asked to invest $20 annually in March, until you reach $300 in shares. These amounts are governed by the State of California, set in our Bylaws, and monitored by our trusty Board of Directors.

Anything Else?

That’s up to you! We offer classes and events – but you can just shop if that’s what works for you. Whether you’re deeply involved in the Co-op or quietly buying your groceries, as a Member, you'll have a direct say in how the Co-op is run. Your Membership will support sustainable food systems, consumer-oriented practices, and the entire international co-operative movement. Sign up for our email lists!

Do I have to use my Membership card?

We recommend that you use your Membership card when you check out to keep track of your purchases (also known as your "patronage"). In years when the Board of Directors allocates it, the Co-op offers a Patronage Refund to all Members who are eligible. It works the same way as a dividend; the more you shop, the greater your Patronage Refund. Membership cards and key chain tags are free. Email Doug Walter to request one.

Are share investments refundable?
Your investment is your money, and you can have it back if you need to withdraw your Membership. (Or you can donate your shares.) To withdraw and receive your share money back, send a signed and dated note with your address, stating your desire to withdraw your Membership, to:

Davis Food Co-op
Attn: Membership
620 G Street
Davis, CA 95616-3753

I used to be a Co-op Member, but I haven’t invested. What should I do?
It only takes a $20 investment to put an inactive Membership back in good standing. You can do this at any cash register, at any time. If your name has changed since the time your old Membership was active, we'll need to know the old name. If you withdrew your Membership, you'll need to start a new one.