Davis Food Co-op Frequently Asked Questions

Are you new to Davis, or perhaps just new to shopping at the Co-op? We want to help make you comfortable here, whether you're used to a full-line grocery store, or a store that stocks natural, organic, bulk, ethnic and gourmet foods.

We're a full-line supermarket that's member-owned...
...with an emphasis on healthy foods. You don't have to be a member to shop here, but you'll own a thriving local business if you become one.

We're open from 7 AM to 10 PM, (almost) every day.
We're closed on Christmas Day. We close early on Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve and July 4th. We open for the afternoon on New Year's Day.

The shelf price is our member price.
Non-members pay a 5% surcharge. You'll get member prices as soon as you join. Your member investment can include you and members of your household—they don't have to join separately. Ask us for details.
Read our Expanded Membership Disclosure Document (a PDF file) for more information about our cooperative.

Pay a $5 fee & invest $10 in shares to become a new member.
Get a Join the Davis Food Co-op brochure when you walk in the store, or at the checkstands. Fill out the Application, sign it, and bring it to one of the cashiers.
Ownership means you now have a voice in how we run our business. It gives you a stake in our success, and shows support for local food production, consumer-oriented practices, and people working together.

Show your Co-op Card to cashiers.
You'll be charged the member price (avoiding the non-member surcharge), and you'll receive any appropriate discount. You'll also receive credit for your purchases in years when we are able to issue an end-of-year rebate to members from our profits for their patronage.
If you identify yourself as 62 years or older, you will receive the "working member" price. We appreciate members who notify us (on their Member Application or Household Update form) that they have achieved this status.
Cards or key chain tags are free for members of Co-op households in good standing. Ask a cashier or email Doug Walter for more information.

Share investments are refundable.
You can get your share money back when you withdraw from membership. Or you can donate it to the Davis Co-op Community Fund. Either way, the moneys you invest are yours. To withdraw and be repaid (or withdraw and donate) you need to send a signed and dated note, with your address & stating your desire to withdraw your membership, by mail to:

Davis Food Co-op
Attn: Membership
620 G Street
Davis, CA 95616-3753

You'll add $20 to your investment every year in March.
You'll no longer need to invest when you reach $300 in shares. These amounts are set in our Bylaws.

Save a tree — bring a bag

You need a California address to join the Co-op.
That's all we require to be a "resident." It only takes a $20 investment to put an inactive membership back in good standing. You can do this at any cash register. If your name has changed since the time your old membership was active, we'll need to know the old name.
If you withdrew your membership, you'll need to start a new one (at any register).

Save more money: participate in your store!
Details about this program are part of our regular orientations, held on weekday evenings in our conference room.