Become A Co-op Member!

Members of the Davis Food Co-op

  • enjoy Member-Only deals and special coupons,
  • receive a Patronage Refund (when allocated by the Board),
  • are eligible for free tickets to our Annual Member Meeting & Dinner,
  • own fully-refundable shares in a one-of-a-kind, independent, cooperatively-run business,
  • support local farms, local artisans and our local food system,
  • vote in Co-op elections, and
  • enjoy our 30-Day Return Policy–no receipt necessary!

Read our Expanded Membership Disclosure Document (PDF)

Joining Is Easy

Fill out a short application at the registers, pay a $5 (non-refundable) Membership fee, purchase your first $10 worth of shares, and... congratulations! You're a Member, shareholder and owner of the Co-op.

The Annual Investment Is $20

Members invest $20 each calendar year, until they've accrued $300 in Davis Food Co-op shares. The annual $20 share purchase is due the end of March, and keeps your Membership active while providing the Co-op with working capital. If you are experiencing financial hardship, you can request an exemption from purchasing additional shares. Your shares are refundable.

Non-Members Are Welcome!

Everyone is welcome to shop, but only Members may vote and receive Patronage Refunds and the Member-Only benefits listed at the top of this page.

Update Your Address & Keep Getting Those Valuable Coupons!

Update your address in the Co-op's member files by dropping us a note or emailing Doug Walter with the subject “Update my Co-op address.” An inactive membership can be placed back in good standing with a share investment of $20 in the current year - email Doug Walter if you have questions (or think your membership might be withdrawn, which is different from being inactive).

Exemptions & Extensions

Members who are experiencing financial hardship may apply for an Extension of Deadline. Current members don’t have to give up their good standing if the end of March arrives and a $20 share purchase is impossible. You'll pay gradually, a few dollars at a time, if you apply for an Extension. If you are experiencing extreme financial hardship, please apply for an Exemption from the year’s share investment requirement. If the exemption is granted, we’ll send you notice in the mail. Applications are available in the store, or email Doug Walter with the subject “Share Exemption.”

Community Discount Application

Members of the Co-op who are experiencing acute financial hardship or paying for groceries with EBT or WIC vouchers may be entitled to a 5% "Community Discount." Please pick up an application form in the store or email Doug Walter with the subject “Community Discount.” The Community Discount applies to the entire Member household.

Your Shares Are Fully Refundable

You may withdraw your Membership at any time by filling out this withdrawl form, and you may request a refund or donate your shares to the Cooperative Development Foundation’s Howard Bowers Fund for training and education at food co-ops. Another way to withdraw is to mail a letter containing your name, signature, the date, the statement "I wish to cancel my Membership and withdraw (or donate) my shares," and a mailing address to which we may send a check for your share investment, to

Membership Department
Davis Food Co-op
620 G Street
Davis, CA 95616-3753

Refund checks take between four and ten weeks to process. Please follow up by emailing Doug Walter.