Volunteer in your co-op

Enhance your Co-op Membership—
Participate at the Davis Food Co-op!
Discounts for working members

Co-op members ages eighteen and over can choose to participate in the store they own. Working member households receive a five percent discount on their Co-op purchases for each month that they participate (as compared to all other “active” members, who pay the shelf price). Household members between 15 and 18 should contact us about Co-op Hands-On Work Training.

If yours is a household of one or two adults, you would be required to participate for two hours each month to receive your working members' discount. Larger households volunteer additional hours each month to receive their discount.

A member who can regularly volunteer on a weekly schedule may enhance their membership benefits by participating in our Superwork program. Most Superworkers spend four hours per week (depending on household size) in a variety of skilled and very-skilled tasks. Superwork households receive a sixteen and a half percent discount.

Some members participate in the office, others stock groceries on shelves in the mornings, still others may help prepare recipes for the Bakery. We do restrict some members (e.g. former employees cannot move directly from paid work to the same tasks as a volunteer), and we reserve the right to decline the services of volunteer members, based on past shopping, volunteer, or employment performance. We try to make reasonable accomodation for a wide range of abilities—please contact the Membership Director for more information.

We’re also looking for members who would like to earn Working Member credit by joining our Member Linkage Task Force. Please attend a Member Orientation or please contact our Membership Linkage Task Force Chair for more information.

Member Orientation

If you are interested in becoming a working member, we ask that you attend a Member Orientation . Please look under "Cook & Learn" above for the Events Calendar, which lists upcoming Orientations. We hold from one to three sessions per month, depending on the season. They're almost always on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights, at 6 PM in our Conference Room.

Our Orientations cover some co-op history, basic safety and sanitation information, the store layout, and most of the process for starting to participate in operations. You'll have a chance to ask questions, pick up brochures, and learn what particular tasks we think we most need help with now. You cannot participate in store operations without completing the Orientation, and we try to make it a fast-moving, cooperative session of 90 to 120 minutes.

"Volunteer" or "Participate?"

There are legal definitions of "volunteer," and there are practical ones. Member participation in operations is NOT required in our co-op; participants DO enhance their membership benefits. Practically, most prospective participants understand "volunteer," so we use that word in attracting members. We tend not to use it much once people attend an Orientation, to make it clear that this program is not available to the general public, and is only for member-owners.