Carrots in the Classroom

The Davis Food Co-op provides Davis public schools with free classroom visits focused is on making healthy and delicious food choices. Our instructors are Davis Food Co-op employees, and Carrots In The Classroom supports “education that leads to informed choices about health, food systems, the environment and cooperatives” (a part of our co-operative Ends statement). We’ll provide all the supplies needed, a 5-minute presentation on co-operatives, and an interactive lesson. All classes will run around 45 minutes. We never use nuts in our visits, but please let us know of all food allergies in your classroom so we can adjust if necessary.

kids raising hands

Kids eagerly participate in a discussion about how to choose the best snack.

Eat the (Local) Rainbow: Davis Food Co-op Teaching Kitchen instructor Laura Doyle discusses why we should eat a rainbow of vegetables and fruits every day. We will taste a range of fruits and veg, some familiar (like tomatoes) and some exciting (like watermelon radishes). We’ll talk about the different nutrients each color gives our bodies. We will also talk about the importance of eating locally, and how that changes the rainbow. Classes are available Thursday between 10 and 2.

The Science of Taste and Smell: Co-op Marketing staff member Laura Bleeker draws on her background in food science & technology to share hands-on experiments for the whole class to participate in. This year’s focus is sensory science, and the way smell and taste work together. Classes are available Fridays, between 12:30 and 2:30.

Cooking: Healthy Snacks: Bailey is a member of our friendly Co-op Cheese Team. She will talk about choosing healthy afterschool snacks, and then walk the kids through making a simple dip they can easily stir together. Everyone will taste it with veggies that make good dippers. This class contains dairy, but can be made dairy-free with advance notice. Classes are available Wednesdays between 10 and 2.

Davis teachers may email Laura Doyle or call (530) 758-2667 ext. 191 to book a visit for any or all of our programs.