Cooking Classes

Cooking Class Registration is now available on-line! Visit the Cooking Class Calendar, or click on any class on our main calendar to visit its registration page.

A PDF of the schedule is available below, and we are happy to accept payment via mail or in our in-store drop box. Register for classes online, here.

The Davis Food Co-op holds our cooking classes in the Teaching Kitchen at 537 G Street (across the street from the Co-op).

Classes for Children and Teens

These are HANDS ON classes, and last 1.5 hours
Choose the session at the right level for your child.
Level 1, roughly ages 3+-5: speaks clearly & understands directions
Level 2, roughly 5-8: can follow directions with help and supervision
Level 3, roughly 8-12: reads and follows directions, needs help for new ideas and skills

All Levels is a catch-all class to accommodate children from 3+ to 12.

If you experience difficulties with any of these files, please email Julie Cross

and tell her which file you would like to have sent to you (by USPS or email).