Advertising in the Vine

It's a great way to get seen & heard!

The Vine is the official newsletter of the Davis Food Co-op, a member-owned full line grocery store specializing in natural and organic foods. The Vine is mailed once a month to 11,000 member households centered around Davis (but by no means limited to Yolo County). Combined readership of The Vine is estimated to be over 11,000 people every month.

Copies of the newsletter are also readily available inside the store at free publication racks for all shoppers who visit the Co-op. Our readers are avid, and eagerly anticipate the arrival of their fresh copy of the Vine on the first of each month. The Vine is read from cover to cover (especially the beloved "Suggestion Box" section), which makes a newsletter ad a great way to get the word out about an event, fundraiser, product line, service, or schedule for your business or group!

Both payment and digital files for ads are due on the 8th of the month prior to publication (May 8th for publication in the June issue). Digital files must be sent via email to Lis Harvey. Ads must be black & white, created to the desired size, and 200 dpi or higher in resolution. JPEG, PDF or TIFF formats preferred. For more information about available ad sizes and costs, please email !