Thanksgiving 2017


The Co-op has everything you need for a perfect holiday—freshly baked pies from our Deli, awesome organic produce, Gardein Holiday Roasts, Tofurky gravy and other plant-based alternatives. We'll have all the stuffing you can eat, and our usual selection of super-fresh, local, free range turkeys—available spatchcocked or split by our butchers at no extra charge. Just call and give our Meat Department a heads-up at 530-758-2667, ext 138. Our fresh, local turkeys will be available starting November 14, first-come first served.

Visit the Co-op to grab our Master Shopping List, holiday wine picks, recipes, and more. Our friendly staff will help you find everything from sides to sparkling wine and hostess gifts. Look for Co-operators wearing red shirts that say "Ask me!" We are here to help with all holiday questions.

How many pounds of turkey do I need?

Figure about one pound of uncooked turkey per person.The 1-lb-per-person ratio yields light to modest leftovers. If you're expecting big eaters or you love leftovers, up that to 1 1/4 lbs per person, or more! For Bone-in Breast, we recommend 3/4 of a pound per person.

How to Roast a Turkey

How to Outsmart Dessert

What should I serve the turkey with?

Browse our Thanksgiving Recipes here. And pick up some of our Thanksgiving Recipe cards next time you visit the Holiday Help Desk in the store!

When can I pick up my turkey?

Our super fresh, local, free range turkeys will be available November 14. Ask us if you don't see the size you want—we have loads of birds stashed in our refrigerated walk-in. A fresh turkey will keep well in the coldest part of your fridge for a week, especially if left in the packaging.

Are your turkeys fresh?

Yes, our turkeys are fresh! Diestel rushes us delicious, sustainably-raised turkeys that are ice-chilled. You may notice an “ice crust.” Diestel turkeys are chilled to 28 degrees. This causes an ice crust to form on the outside. This is the only way the State of California allows “fresh” turkeys to be sold. The "ice-chilling" process brings the birds down to a temperature safe to transport, but the turkeys are never frozen. Brining or simply allowing the turkey to rest overnight in a home fridge will get the turkey ready to cook if it is under 12-14 lbs. If you need a turkey larger than 14 pounds, pick it up Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving so you can let it come to temperature in your fridge, out of the box.

We generally do keep some Norbest frozen turkeys on the frozen aisle during November, but those are frozen solid.

Can I speak to a Thanksgiving Professional?

Yes. Call (530) 758-2667 ext 191. Or try the Demo Counter at ext 163. The Meat Department answers ext 138. For the fastest response, try email. And we always welcome your suggestions and comments here!