Thanksgiving & Turkeys


Get our Thanksgiving Master List! Download the PDF right here and confer with your fridge before venturing to the Co-op. (Yes, we carry all these items.)

How do I order my turkey?

Effective Monday, November 23, we are very close to sold out of all turkeys. Please call the Head Turkey Wrangler at 530-758-2667, ext. 363 to find out if any are available.

• NOTE: Do order as soon as possible! We want you to get the turkey you want, and the sooner you order, the more possible it is for us to help make your holiday perfect!

How many pounds should I order?

Figure about one pound of uncooked turkey per person.The 1-lb-per-person ratio yields modest leftovers. If you're expecting big eaters or you love leftovers, up that to 1 1/4 lbs per person, or more! For Bone-in Breast, we recommend 3/4 of a pound per person.

What should I serve the turkey with?

Browse our Thanksgiving Recipes here. And pick up one of our Thanksgiving Recipe cooklets, next time you visit the Turkey Table in the store!

But if you'd like to relax and enjoy yourself more, order one of our Thanksgiving sides & dessert packages this year. Everything but the bird, made from scratch in our Co-op Kitchen. All sides are fully cooked, ready to reheat and serve, and come with simple instructions. Vegan and Gluten-Free options are available, if ordered by November 12. Check out our options here!

When can I pick up my turkey?

Come to the Turkey Table (photo below) on Saturday November 22nd or after, between the hours of 7am and 9:30pm. We are open 7am to 1pm on Thanksgiving day (November 26). We recommend picking up your bird at least two days prior to cooking, three days prior for very large birds.

Are your turkeys fresh?

Yes, our turkeys are fresh! Diestel and Heidi's rush us delicious, sustainably-raised turkeys that are ice-chilled. The "ice-chilling" process brings the birds down to a temperature safe to transport, but the turkeys are never frozen. We generally do keep some Norbest frozen turkeys on the frozen aisle during November, but those are first-come, first-served and they are frozen solid. They're not a part of our turkey-reservation system.

Will you have Smoked Turkeys this year?

Yes--reserve yours before they're all spoken for! We're pleased to offer an even lower price than last year. Call 530-758-2667, xt. 363

Can I speak to a Turkey Professional?

Yes. Starting November 4, the Turkey Hotline will be open Monday-Friday, 8am to 7pm. Want help at another time? Leave a detailed message and we'll get back to you. Call 530-758-2667, xt. 363

Why can't I reserve my turkey online?

You can! Right here. We've also added gift cards and gift packs to our online store, for your gift-giving needs. If you have a loved-one in Davis, gift cards are a great way to show you care.

This isn't going the way I'd planned! Who can I talk to?

For the fastest response, please leave a message at 530-758-2667, xt. 363, or email Julie (Cross). Have a different sort of issue? Have your say here!

November 21st or after, come to our Turkey Table to pick up your bird! Note the "Turkeys Here" sign hanging from the ceiling.

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