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Davis, California 95616 USA

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Email Lis Harvey

530-758-2667 ext. 152

Boycott requests /
product challenges

DFC Board of Directors

Directors webpage


Catering: Events and Bakery/Deli Platters

Shary Milligan, Deli

Shary Milligan

530-758-2667 ext. 143

Catering: Sustainable Sushi

Sithu Tun,

Mermaid Sushi

Email Sithu of Mermaid Sushi

530-758-2667 ext 121

Classroom Visits / "Carrots in the Classroom"


Email Laura

530-758-2667 ext. 152

Products or service (compliments or complaints)

Suggestion Box

Fill out our form, or email General Manager Steve Kobs

Cooking Classes

Davis Food Co-op Teaching Kitchen

Email Lis Harvey

530-758-2667 ext. 152

Donations & sponsorships


Email Lis Harvey

530-758-2667 ext. 152

Employment or Job Opportunities Caroline Keiko Yoshimoto, Human Relations

Email Keiko Yoshimoto

Demo Inquiries



530-758-2667 ext. 152

Membership Marketing

Email Lis Harvey

530-758-2667 ext. 152

New products that you’d like brought in

The Department Manager for that product Find email below, or use our Suggestion Box

Products or service (compliments or complaints)

Suggestion Box

Fill out our form

Policy Issues DFC Board of Directors

Email, or visit the Directors webpage

Returned Checks

Front End Manager

Email Andrew Cordova
530-758-2667, ext. 143

Selling to the Co-op (if you are a Vendor)

The appropriate Department Manager

Emails are listed below.

Please, no phone calls.

Special Orders

any Manager 530-758-2667, or email someone specific from the list below

Tabling in front of store

Facilities Manager

Email Bija Young at with a particular date

Website & Social Media Marketing Manager

Email Lis Harvey

530-758-2667 ext. 152

Wine & Beer Tastings Julie Loke,
Wine & Beer Buyer

Email Julie Loke

530-758-2667 x137

Interim General Manager • Steve Kobs

Facilities Manager • Bija Young

Front End Manager • Andy Cordova

Bulk Foods Buyer • Becky Santos

Grocery & Wellness Manager • Rose McFadden

Specialty Food Buyer • Vincent Ortiz

Wine, Beer & Liquor Buyer • Julie Loke

Produce Manager • Brad Elliot

Meat Department Manager • Jim Pavlichek

Cheese Buyer • I'talia McCarthy

Deli Assistant Manager • Gina DeCambra

Deli Catering • Shary Milligan

Sushi • Mermaid Sushi

Human Relations Manager • Caroline Keiko Yoshimoto

Marketing Manager • Lis Harvey

Accounts Payable Coordinator • Deborah Morgenthal

Scan Coordinator • Monica Edman

Davis Food Co-op Board of Directors • Visit their webpage