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June 2016

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Q: Could you please have staff restock produce more often, even on weekends? There has been a significant decrease this year regarding produce restocking. I shop on different days of the week and now find on every trip that many common items are empty on the floor even though the stock is available in the back (when you locate someone to go and look).


A: Thank you for reaching out to us, it truly is helpful to hear what our customers are thinking and experiencing. I agree with your comment and we've been working on a solution.

Up until recently, we've been challenged with a very understaffed department. We simply did not have enough people to keep up with the volume of produce that our customers were buying. I'm glad to say though, that we now have a fully-stocked produce team to fully-stock the department! I think that you will see a big difference in the way that the department looks the next time you're at the store.

Again, I really appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts - my inbox and phone are always open to you and any other customer with questions or comments.

Brad Elliott, Produce Manager

Q: Bring back the kids books!


A: We've donated our children's library, and repurposed the old bookcase that had become a nest for dust bunnies. We have big plans for the Front End! Kid-friendly improvements are among our priorities. Stay tuned, and thank you for your patience while we update and overhaul the store.

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager & Bija Young, Facilities Manager

Q: Tear out the unused tarmac by the old front door and put in a quiet grass eating area, similar to the volunteer garden of days of gone!


A: Thanks for the feedback. We are exploring options for better use of our outdoor space.

Bija Young, Facilities Manager

Q: Recently ID labels have been put on every single fingerling potato. I understand this is to help the cashiers, but they all have the same price! It is very annoying to have to peel 40 stickers off your potatoes to make a meal. Thanks for listening!


A: This is a dilemma for us. It certainly is frustrating to peel off stickers. It is also aggravating for customers to be quizzed at checkout with queries like, “Is this an organic avocado?” The stickers improve accuracy. We don’t enjoy putting them on. The fingerlings were a bit of overkill because they are distinctive. After experimenting a bit, we think there is a good balance now with stickering the items that cause the most confusion.

Brad Elliott, Produce Manager

Q: Sound environmental practices as stated on an ongoing level this statement is untrue as long as the Co-op continues to surround the building with pesticides that kill our hawks, owls and cats.


A: This is a challenging problem. Rodent control is a huge problem wherever there is food and an exterior perimeter of attractants and poison is very effective. A terrible “cost” of poison is the death of non-targeted animals that consume dead or dying rodents.

Our landscaper is keen to make some changes to reduce pooled water locations and other rodent harbors. We are meeting with our current pest vendor and another vendor to discuss reducing or eliminating poison and using snap traps or combination poison and entrapment to reduce suffering of targeted animals and prevent them from becoming food for others.

I worked in a store that became overwhelmed with mice. It was a huge health risk for customers and staff and we really struggled to get back in control. We will try to reduce our use of poisons, but I have to say that the methods we use must be effective.

Steve Kobs, Interim General Manager

Q: We should get a master list for the bulk jars. One the customers can see.


A: I will check with marketing as to how we can do this.

Becky Santos, Bulk Foods Buyer

Q: Micaela’s tortillas-I love them and have been buying them for years. They are often moldy. There are moldy ones on the shelves right now. Nugget refrigerates theirs. They really should be put in the fridge in the store.


A: Thank you for this feedback. We will look into getting them a space in the refrigerated cooler. Thanks.

Rose McFadden, Grocery and Wellness Manager

Q: Move the organic rolled oats to a gravity bin so it’s easier to get them and caused less of a mess.


A: The organic rolled oats are on the floor because we need a bin that can hold at least 25+ pounds. The gravity bin holds approximately 12 lbs. We generally go through 50+ pounds a day. We do not have the space in the gravity bins to run 2 bins. We would be running out of oats regularly. If a customer is having problems getting the oats, we would gladly help them.

Becky Santos, Bulk Foods Buyer

In Brief:

Yes we do carry (please ask if you can’t find it):

• Blue Corn Chips single-serving

We will bring in:

• Vegan yogurt starter

Thanks for suggesting, we’ll look into:

• Teff Grain

• Natto

Sorry, our distributor does not have:

• Mushroom popcorn

• Anderson's tomato soup

We no longer carry due to slow sales (some may be special ordered):

• Canario beans

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