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August 2016

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Q: Just saw the finished remodels for the first time. Walked in the far door and said to myself what has happened? Why is the co-op so dark? And small? Before I realized why. I think the dark brown finish to the remodel is very wrong. It cuts off light from the registers. Paint color should be pale to reflect light and make the area seem bigger not cramped. There are plenty of light yellow walls in the store already. This area should match the already painted yellow areas.


A: Thanks for taking the time to write. Color is one of the more subjective things around. While some love it, some hate it and not everyone sees it in exactly the same way. We recognize we can not please all the people all the time but we do attempt to please most of the people most of the time. The brown wall is a work in progress. Marketing will be adding some bright and colorful signage to the wall and we will be reorganizing to add more seating in the very near future. The reason I selected the brown rather than one of the other wall colors on the sales floor is that we are moving towards our branded color palette, which can be seen in our main buyer's office in the back of the store. Out of the four colors in the pallet the brown was the one that matched the existing walls the best and would not show the dirt and scuffs from carts and customers in short order.

Bija Young, Facilities Manager

Q: Thanks for all of the plant-based/vegan items you carry. If you advertised some of them (free), more would get purchased and you would be able to continue carrying them. People on these pages are very interested and we post photos of items and sales we see to one another. and

Both have chat groups that are active. Thanks.


A: Thank you for taking the time to appreciate our options! It’s heartening to receive such kind words. While we usually channel our social media efforts through our own Facebook page (, our Club Vegan page, our Teaching Kitchen page, and our Twitter and Instagram profiles, it’s always awesome to be invited to another table. I will look into options on those pages you mentioned!

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: Why do you charge sales tax on Kombucha and Sacramento Co-op does not?

A: California tax on Kombucha is based on the alcohol content of each drink. If the alcohol is less than 0.5%, no sales tax. More than that, there is tax. Don’t know what Sac Nat is doing, but ours are taxed (or not) according to the law.

Steve Kobs, HR

Q: Why did you make prime retail space into an office (formerly register 9/10)? Plus, the paint there is way too dark.

A: That area was not prime retail space. To be a ‘hot spot’ there needs to be shopper traffic going by. Not the case there. The renovation to use the space for checkout lanes was admirable, but returning the space to an office (which it was originally) was the best use of the space.

Steve Kobs, HR

Q: I came to buy supplies for salsa but no red/yellow/orange bell peppers, no Anaheim peppers and no one in produce easily available to ask. Yes I could have gone to deli and had them page someone, but would I have gotten my supplies?


A: The reason we are presently out of stock on these (and several other varieties of) peppers is simply a matter of availability. To put it frankly they are currently unobtainable through any of my suppliers. Which, as inconvenient as it is, makes sense as Anaheims are not in peak season until late in the Summer. This puts us in a situation known as "gapping" in which we are between sources of a given product, ie. the Mexico and Central America crops have reached their end but the California and other US crops have yet to be ready to harvest. I am sorry we did not have what you needed today, and I hope this helps clear up exactly why that was. I hope to see you in the department again soon.

Brad Elliot, Produce Manager

Q: Truly it seems that there is a game of obstinacy in the stocking of products. A popular item sells out over and over again. When it appears on the shelves it is quickly sold out…yet it does not re-appear until the next scheduled time…and it appears in the same quantity. No more is ordered, and no more often. Excuses abound but the result is the same. Two different cookie brands, once in dairy, Hot foods bar (supposedly improved) only sells dried-out suechun chicken and less often. Now Knudsen cottage cheese rarely appears in its accustomed place. Again and again this syndrome repeats. For overpriced groceries that you cannot count on, I am disappointed every time I come here, and am questioning why I return. I guess it’s because of some of the nice people here, except then what was done to Fran was abdominal. If I didn’t live a block away, I’d have left you sooner. Another item request you can ignore…Pet food, Fancy Feast shredded beef with cheese in the small cans. I already go elsewhere for this and gives added rational for grocery shopping elsewhere.


A: We are very sorry to have disappointed you. We are working store wide at addressing out-of-stocks. We cannot fulfill all requests for items to carry. The Fancy Feast items do not seem to be available from our distributor. Please feel free to ask for me personally the next time you are in the store and frustrated by an out-of-stock item. I may have more specific information on hand at the time it is occurring. Thank you for your long-time business.

Rose McFadden, Grocery Manager

Q: All the nut butters except one contain palm oil. This is a filler and it is a grave product because it is the leading reason for the destruction of the rainforest-Lungs of the earth. I propose the Co-op take a stand for the climate by banning palm oil.


A: Any Member can start a boycott process with a petition-signing campaign. Please take a look at our Bylaws for more information on how to start your own petition, or contact our Board of Directors at

Rose McFadden, Grocery Manager

In Brief:

Thanks for suggesting it! We'll look into:

• Cocktail sauce without high fructose corn syrup/

• Honey Nut Rice cakes

• Nanak’s lip smoothee SPF 10

• Large sized organic Vegenaise

• More vegan options in deli

• More options for organic extra virgin olive oil from California

• Australian lizard sunscreen for sensitive skin

• Canned (20 oz) Jack fruit in brine

Sorry, our distributor does not have:

• Fancy Feast shredded chicken and cheese, and shredded beef with cheese

Sorry, due to limited space we cannot bring in:

• NY Times daily

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