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Q: Could you please list if the eggs are cruelty free? Free range? What farm? Organic feeding? Thank you!

– G.A.R.

A: Our new egg brochure is now available [click here for the PDF]– we’ll have signs up when the new cases are ready, but feel free to email me if you’d like a copy of your own now!

Julie Cross, Marketing and Education Director

Q: Request that we carry Kosher meat including chicken, beef, lamb and buffalo. Having at least kosher chicken and beef is important – like Empire or Aarons. Also getting Kosher lamb from L.A. if possible.

– J.S.

A: Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. We are always happy to look into the viability or suggested products, and I have already begun doing so with your suggestions. As we research the options, we will be looking for options that we can fit into limited space, and for price points that are likely to promote enough product movement to maintain freshness and avoid waste/reductions (such as product reaching its sell-by date). Past experience with carrying Empire chicken, we found it to be such a slow seller that the above concerns made it too hard to sell. However, the packages available to us at that time were fairly large, so as we look into it again, we will try to find smaller packages, if available.

- Jim Pavlichek, Butcher

Q: Please put “Nutritional Facts” label and “Ingredients” to every bulk granola bin.

– J.M.S.

A: This project is in the works. As you can imagine, it is a labor-intensive and highly detailed process with multiple steps. Thanks for your patience.

– Bija Young, Marketing Department

Q: I just forgot my reusable bags (in the car trunk). I never remember until I’m at checkout. A nicely decorated sign (or two) in the parking area would be a great way to remind everyone!

– J.S.

A: We offer free car window decals for exactly these situations! Please ask a cashier for one.

– Bija Young, Marketing Department

Q: Request we carry Canyon Bakehouse Gluten-free 7 Grain Bread. Sacramento Co-op carries this excellent gluten-free bread. It doesn’t break apart like most do. Please stock this bread and use it in the deli department to make sandwiches. Let me know when in stock.

– D.

A: Yes! We do carry Canyon Bakehouse breads and they are an option for a gluten-free sandwich as well. We have a special gluten-free table with many items and we carry 4 different Canyon Bakehouse choices including Focaccia, 7 grain sliced, white sliced and even hamburger buns.

– Alison Knight, Co-op Staff

Q: American Apparel has problems. Hire Tom from the Farmer’s Market next time.

– Anonymous

A: We do use Tom from GreenStar Designs for our t-shirts! He purchases t-shirts from various suppliers, one of them being American Apparel, and then imprints them with our design. He does not manufacture the t-shirts himself.

– Bija Young, Marketing Department

Q: Request that we carry “I (tomato) Davis” t-shirts in medium and large. For about a year, all I’ve seen are XL sizes and some kids’ sizes. It’s a great design, and I think you’re losing a chance at some sales.

– H.J.

A: We're glad you like the design, and sorry you haven't had any luck with finding the size you like. The display is stocked by volunteers at least every two weeks. If you can't find a size you like, please don't hesitate to contact Lis Harvey by notifying the nearest cashier—they can leave a voice mail with your contact information if a “runner” isn't available.

– Bija Young, Marketing Department

Q: A+ for Toby for handling a difficult customer politely. And A+ to Produce for labeling the produce with accurate origin today.

– Anonymous

A: Thank you for your feedback!

– Elizabeth Davidson, Produce Manager

Q: I would like to praise the friendly, forgiving, open-minded staff.

– R.G.

A: Wow! And thank you for the wonderful praise. We try hard to do everything we can to make you happy and we will continue to strive for excellence. It feels lovely to get positive feedback.

– Alison Knight, Co-op Staff

Q: I came today with a friend to learn about what brands you carry and the yummy other stuff (hot food bar). In anticipation of Whole Foods coming, you should offer monthly “Get to know us” tours for newbies (non-members) like me. It will promote “shop local” and get new people to try out the Co-op!

– Anonymous

A: Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve tried tours in the past without a lot of interest, but we’ll consider trying it again.

- Julie Cross, Marketing and Education Director

Q: In the July/August Co-op News, your answer to me about “Elipideo’s Choice” Coffee, since it is a local business and roasted locally, is deserving of the “local” designation. When will I see the appropriate signage on the bulk item?

– P.S.

A: Hmm...I delivered the signs but I guess they were misplaced. They are now in place. Thanks for the concern.

– Bija Young, Advertising & Brand Manager

Q: It would be great if more food items for sample were properly labeled for food allergies.

– Anonymous

A: I’m sorry to hear there was a problem. Can you give me more details so I can fix it?

– Julie Cross, Marketing and Education Director

Q: Please lower the price of organic cherries.

– Anonymous

A: I do not know what day you saw the organic cherry prices. The prices of organic cherries were high to begin the season and have gone down since then.

– Elizabeth Davidson, Produce Manager

Q: Please make the vegan (eggless) Burritos – and lunch burritos with whole wheat tortillas! I love them , and they are easy to buy when I’m too busy to cook. White flour tastes like paste…

– Anonymous

A: Thanks for your interest. We like whole wheat flour tortillas too. There were problems working with whole wheat tortillas in our morning rush. We are now making vegetarian and Bacon morning burritos with whole wheat tortillas.

- Sandy Warren, Deli/Meat/Bakery Manager

Q: I would like to see more integration of our teaching kitchen/staff ideas for our produce. We have such unique produce so often – I would love to empower our customers to use them all. I have three suggestions on how this would look: 1) Recipe cards next to new/interesting items, 2) Staff pick (places for comments) and 3) Scanner codes that link to recipes and allow for comments/discussion online.

– A.T.

A: Thanks for the great suggestions. Look for developments on our new and improved website this fall.

– Julie Cross, Marketing and Education Director

Q: Cooking class ideas: 1) Make your own food coloring (beets, kale, saffron, etc) and 2) Make your own flavored soda (i.e. how to make flavored syrups for root beer, tonic, raspberry soda, etc). Syrup + Soda Stream = yum!

– M.G.

A: Thanks for your note in the Suggestion Box about classes! The natural food coloring class is a great idea. I happened to mention it to one of our cashiers, who immediately volunteered her mom, a professional baker. Look for that in Fall 2012. We have a flavored syrup class on the schedule for August. I hope we’ll see you there.

– Julie Cross, Marketing and Education Director

Q: I would like some sort of funnel for the bulk spice area to load up my own containers.

– G.

A: You got it! Though reusable funnels aren’t a viable option due to mess/maintenance and the possibility of cross-contamination, we’ve invented a disposable funnel dispenser and stationed it in Bulk to make refilling your spice containers a breeze. Thanks for the suggestion!

– Julie Cross, Marketing and Education Director

Q: Your Co-op is lovely. I would, however, like to point out one problem. The soup ladles are too long, or the sneeze guard is too low to effectively serve oneself soup without making a mess. Maybe shorter ladles would solve the problem. Thanks.

– J.S.

A: We do understand the problem and will do our best to get the right size ladles. I’m looking into this problem and we'll do our best to resolve it. Please have patience with us.

– Sandra Warren, Deli & Bakery Manager

Q: I am so thrilled & grateful. The other day, I commented that macaroons were missing from the Passover display. Tonight I noticed the display wrapped around to the raw nuts – not only did I see macaroons, but also other delicious chocolate treats and wine and more! Thank you so much.

– S.

A: Thanks for your notes in the suggestion box about the Passover display. I’m sorry the new layout was confusing, but so pleased that we did have what you wanted.\

– Julie Cross, Marketing and Education Director

Q: I think it would be awesome if we had some sort of permanent big sign up that says “Stop! Did you leave your bag in the car??!” As a cashier, this seems to be one of the biggest hurdles for people in remembering to bring their bags. Also, customers I have spoken to love the idea.

– L.N.

A: Ah, if only the solution were as easy as simply putting up bigger, or more, signs! Ultimately, remembering to bring your own bag is a personal habit that needs to be cultivated. We do offer free car window decals that shoppers can put in their car as a reminder (if you need one, just ask a cashier!). We also featured a prominent in-store display in honor of Earth Day, noting that we’ve decreased our disposable paper bag consumption by as much as 67% over last year.

– Bija Young, Marketing Department

Q: We always seem to be out of colored pen ink in the pens in the children’s area.

– Anonymous

A: We use refillable pens because they make less landfill, but that does mean someone has to go refill them every day. I’m sorry the pens didn’t have enough ink when you wanted to use them.

– Julie Cross, Marketing and Education Director

Q: For a few weeks, the Wheatland Multigrain Flakes has been out of agreement with the cashier’s computer. It has been out of agreement in name and weight. When a problem arises at the check-out area (on this item), there is always a resulting state of confusion.

– Anonymous

A: Thank you for calling this discrepancy to our attention. It has been fixed. Please note that the item description which comes up on the register screen will sometimes vary slightly from the product’s name on the label, due to our category and naming protocols and character limits on descriptions.

– Rachel Quinn, Scan Coordinator

Q: I am so grateful for the spicy delicious vegan vegetable soup this morning! I overdid it this past weekend and was feeling a little shaky. A bowl of that soup over some brown rice was just what I needed. Thank you!

– S.D.

A: I’m glad you enjoyed our spicy vegan vegetable soup. It’s always nice to hear how we made our customers happy. Thank you.

– Sandy Warren, Deli & Bakery Manager

Q: I always enjoy inspecting the tables near the hot food/register area, full of seasonal decorating ideas and merchandise. Colorful, fun and eye-catching.

– M.C.

A: Thanks to Karen in our department for doing such a great job creating these displays. Thank you for your feedback.

– Rose McFadden, Wellness & General Merchandise Manager

Q: The computer text is too small on the register screen. Can you make it bigger so I can check the prices easier without the receipts? Also would like more trash cans around the store.

– Anonymous

A: I'm sorry that the text on the register screens is too small; this is a comment we’ve heard more than once, but unfortunately, it’s nothing we can change on our end at this time. We have passed along on the comment to the company that runs our point-of-sale software in hopes we may be able to change it as part of a future update. As for trash cans, we have them placed throughout the store, wherever it is sanitary to keep them—however, because they are unsightly, we try to keep them in discreet locations; if you ever have trouble locating the nearest wastebasket, please ask any staffer!

- Bija Young, Advertising & Brand Manager

Q: What happened to the buffalo? A year ago, it was very flavorful. Since this summer or early fall, the flavor has declined and it is somewhat bland. I still bought it and added more things to add flavor, because it is supposed to have more Vitamin B12 than beef. Now, I was just told it will only be ground on Mondays because it doesn’t sell well enough to grind more often. I suspect it doesn’t sell will enough because the flavor has declined. Why did the flavor diminish? Different provider? Frozen vs fresh? Do you have ideas? I loved it a year ago and I am disappointed not to have that great buffalo again – both ground and filets.

– M.H.

A: I do not know of any changes in the buffalo that we grind here. It still comes from the same company (Western Buffalo). I will check with our rep from that company to pass on your feedback and ask about any possible changes in their supply recently. As for as availability is concerned, we had chosen Mondays (of our 3 busiest days of the week) to grind buffalo for the fresh case. But, by popular demand, we have moved that to Fridays. Further demand could see that expand to more days. We also still carry the buffalo tri tip, which comes in frozen. We will make every effort to have that available in our case as well, but if you don’t see it, just ask. Thanks for your feedback.

– Jim Pavlichek, Butcher

Q: I noticed that the bulk Thompson Raisins you carry now contain oil. I have switched the type of raisins I buy. I would appreciate it if you would keep one variety of raisins/currants completely plain / natural. Thanks.

– Anonymous

A: I double-checked all of our raisins and currants. Currently, the Thompson Seedless raisins are the only raisins that have oil. The golden raisins, monukka raisins, flame raisins and zante currants do not have oil on them.

– Becky Santos, Bulk Buyer

Q: I am appalled that we carry a baby bib that says “I love (French) fries.” What are you thinking – not funny – raise kids to be junk foodies. I don’t care if the fries are organic. It’s bad for you! Please carry things that encourage health!

– G.S.

A: I will pass your comments along to the company. Sorry to disappoint you.

– Rose McFadden, Wellness and General Merch. Mgr

Q: Request that we carry beer on tap. It would be awesome!!! Limit it to one beer per customer so we don’t create a bar-type atmosphere.

– K.

A: We’re working on it. There are a lot of great local beers only available on draft. It’s a space and equipment investment, so it may take us a while.

- Julie Cross, Marketing and Education Director

Q: Great store. Suggest organic tofu dishes in deli.

– C.W.

A: Thank you for your suggestion. We are currently in the process of turning some of our salads into organic, including tofu dishes. On another note, I’m so glad you enjoyed our store.

– Sandy Warren, Deli & Bakery Manager

Q: I have tried to use your website a number of times and it is terribly outdated. I really do not like driving out form Vacaville only to find that you no longer carry the products I need. Having the façade of a functional website is infuriating. I would have just called if y’all did not have the site. I have shopped here for years, but I am seriously considering taking my business to Whole Foods when they open!

– Avid Co-oper

A: I’m happy to report that a brand new shiny website is in the works — you're looking at it now. I’m a little concerned that it won’t resolve your problem, however – we will not be listing all 30,000+ products that we carry on the website, since it would be a full time job to keep that up to date! Please don’t hesitate to email me ( or call the store (530-758-2667) to check on product availability, or even to have something set aside for you.

– Julie Cross, Marketing and Education Director

Q: I’m vegan and I would love to try more Indian food that’s vegan. I’m frustrated because the same items are vegan and I don’t get to sample a variety!

– M.C.

A: Hi and thanks for your interest in our Indian bar. At this time, we are not able to get more vegan options for this area from our vendor. However, we continue to try new recipes for our hot bar and will focus on more interesting vegan options.

- Alison Knight, Co-op Staff

In Brief:

We’ll look into:

• Soft, portable coolers

• Cuppow (plastic BPA-free lid insert)

Yes we do carry:

• San Diego Hat Company sun hats

Sorry, we have no room for:

• Veriditas Botanicals

Not currently available:

• Non-latex condoms