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July 2016

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Q: You used to have Lakewood Organic pineapple juice. I have not seen it for a few weeks. Please bring it back. Thank you!


A: This item is no longer available from our distributors. We now carry R.W. Knudsen Organic pineapple juice.

Rose McFadden, Grocery Manager

Q: It looks like you are replacing the USA grown organic frozen edamame with edamame grown in China! If so it is a bad move. Due to China’s poor record of safe food I am appalled at the Co-op’s action.


A: Hi there! Can you be more specific as to which brand/product? I am not familiar with any of our brands changing their country of origin. The SKU number you provided does not match any of our products. These are the edamame we carry:

Cascadian Farms Edamame-Country of origin-China

Seapoint Farms Edamame-Country of origin-China

Eda-Zen-Country of origin-USA

Please let me know if you have any more questions!

Katie Bielski, Frozen Department

Q: The Deli sandwich-makers are on fire lately! I just had a life-changing Bagel & Veggie sandwich with sauerkraut, pickles, crazy crunchy-fresh vegetables and smoked salmon. Bagel Salad Sandwich, what a revelation! Thanks to Miles and to the new manager in the Deli for encouraging delicious creativity.


A: You’re welcome!

David Hernandez, Deli Manager

Q: Why are you stocking junk frozen juices? Anything labeled cocktail is sugared junk! Please order cranberry and pomegranate frozen concentrates- pure!


A: I am so sorry that you are disappointed in our frozen juice selection. I have talked to our frozen buyer and we hope to bring in some better options in the near future.

I’talia McCarthy, Interim Chill Coordinator

Q: I would like to see more coffee brands that are rainforest alliance certified. This certification means that they are working to prevent deforestation of cloud and rainforests by promoting shade grown coffee. Currently the only brand is Marley and they don’t have their certification on their packaging. Thanks!


A: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will be on the lookout for brands that we can sell that have this certification.

Rose McFadden, Grocery Manager

Q: Hi! You used to carry SoDelicious Almond+Plus (5x Protein, Vanilla) in large containers in your refrigerator section. We’d love to see it there again. Looks like you now only carry 8oz sippy cartons.


A: Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately that product was discontinued due to low sales. If you would like, you can always special order any product that we do not carry.

I’talia McCarthy, Interim Chill Coordinator

In Brief:

Sorry, our distributor does not have:

• Bulk MSG

Thanks for suggesting it! We now carry:

• Cinchona bark in our Bulk Department (used in homemade tonic water recipes)

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