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October 2016

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Q: Some of my friends think Co-op isn’t clean. I think it’s the floor. Will you ever be able to get a new floor?


A: Thanks for taking the time to write. As of this reply we do not have a plan for redoing our floors. We may be able to get a new floor eventually but it will require careful planning. The disruption caused by re-doing a floor in a grocery store is quite substantial.

Bija Young, Facilities Manager

Q: Request that we carry: Self-Checkout


A: Hi, at this time we do not have a plan for self-checkout. We are in the process of revamping our front end to speed check out times and provide the personal connection that comes with being a community owned cooperative.

Bija Young, Facilities Manager

Q: A project to propose: Planting some ground cover to go below the trees and bushes. I would recommend wild strawberry, creeping thyme, purslane, and irises. Get the bike repair station in better condition or have a shed with some public access to decent tools, make them available by donation.


A: Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. We do have a plan to complete the garden make-over in the coming year.

Bija Young, Facilities Manager

Q: It was cheaper to buy a new bottle of Doc, Bronner’s than it was to bulk. That’s crazy.


A: Sometimes the manufacturer gives a deal, and we purchase and pass the sale on to our customers. This can definitely happen in the case of bulk vs. prepackaged. Our 16 oz Dr. Bronner's Castile Soaps were a great buy, and those who don't purchase bulk items can take advantage of such a great sale. The 32 oz sizes end up on sale too! Thanks for shopping the Co-op!

Sonjia Chevalier, Wellness Coordinator

Q:Request that we carry Koshihikari California Rice for sushi


A:We can get this from North American. The new crop for this will be in towards the end of October, first part of November. We will be bringing it in at that time.

Becky Santos, Bulk Buyer

Q: Request that we carry: Samosa Pad, Hemp Fu.


A: Regarding your request for Hemp Fu and Samosa pads, our distributor has a manufacturer outage for the Hemp Fu. I have not been able to find any type of Samosa Pad/ Wraps, if you know of a brand name, that would be helpful. I will order the Hemp Fu when it comes back in stock, sometimes manufacturer outages last for months, I can notify you when it arrives if you like. Thank you for your request and let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Katie Bielski, Frozen Buyer

Q: Request that we carry Land O’ Lakes Whipped Butter. You had it until a week or two ago- now it’s gone. I want it. Please bring it back!!


A: Regarding your request for Land O Lakes Whipped Butter, unfortunately that product was discontinued, I am currently searching for a replacement, it would be Whipped Butter by Challenge, this item should be here this week. Thank you for your request, and let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Katie Bielski, Frozen Buyer

Q:Request that we carry loose leaf tea-black coconut. This is the 2nd request.


A: I checked with my current vendors catalogs and did not see if offered in the catalogs that I have. I am going to check to see if the vendors have this product in a more current catalog. I will continue looking.

Becky Santos, Bulk Buyer


Request that we carry: 100% grass fed beef; more cuts than just ground. I am doing all of my regular shopping elsewhere due to the lack of grass fed beef.



Thanks for your interest, as it matches ours as well. We are searing for a source that we can sell at viable prices. Whether organic, or all natural, we’d like to offer 100% grass fed as soon as we can. We’ll keep searching until we succeed.

Jim Pavlichek, Meat Department Manager


Thanks! Everyone in meat department especially! Would compostable meat wrapping paper be possible? Non Styrofoam packaging? That would be so awesome!



We would love that too! We already divert most of our waste that our department produces, and we’d love for that to extend to our owners and customers when they get their products home. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for a source. For now, you may have noticed the new CO+OP paper we’re using. While it’s not compostable, it does use much less material than the paper we previously used, so we’re part-way there.

Jim Pavlichek, Meat Department Manager

In Brief:

We do carry:

• Wraps/Tortillas 12”+ (on aisle 8 by Indialife)

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