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September 2016

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Q: As a daily salad builder for the past 20 months, I'd like to praise the salad bar for being consistently excellent and now 100% organic. See below for some suggestions. The move to a 100% organic salad bar along with a higher price per pound should not eliminate some of the food options that make me (at least) look forward to a salad: (A) Organic blue cheese crumbles - these were in the salad bar but have disappeared; (B) organic walnut pieces - sold in bulk by the Coop but so far not in the salad bar; (C) organic bacon bits - Applegate Organics uncured Sunday Bacon, for example. Also, please refresh the organic chopped eggs more regularly - they descend into zombie territory after a few days of being trotted back out to the bar. This man cannot live on chia seeds alone!


A: Thank you so much for the salad bar praise. We have been diligently working to provide some new and exciting items. We are working to have bacon and Mary's organic chicken on an everyday basis but have had recent issues with the bacon supply. Please let me know of any suggestions you may have or would like to see implemented.

David Hernandez, Deli Manager

Bear with us! A visit to our salad bar today (9/7/16) for my own delicious lunch revealed perfectly-cooked hard-boiled eggs and blue-cheese crumbles to round out my organic plate of chia seeds, croutons, carrot, arugula and caesar dressing. Thanks for your help and guidance, and we promise we'll keep working out the kinks!

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: I'd like to praise the friendliness and helpfulness of all workers at the Davis Food Co-op on a very consistent basis. Please sell eucalyptus oil and eucalyptus leaves & eucalyptus nuts. Or, please just bring some eucalyptus nuts and give them away please.


A: Thank you for your praise, as all of us here at the Davis Food Co-op strive to give excellent service! Currently, we do carry eucalyptus oil in the Wellness Department. There are a few brands to choose from. Please feel free to give us a call, if you have questions about the products and pricing. Unfortunately, we do not have access to the other products. Hope this helps, and to see you here soon!

Sonjia Chevalier, Wellness/ General Merchandise Coordinator

Q: I've followed, purchased and enjoyed the prepared tri-tip from the Co-Op for the past few years, first on Saturday and now on Thursday. It WAS simply, the best in town and the best in the county (yes, better than the burnt beef from Buckhorn). I bragged to friends that they had to try the tri-tip from the Co-Op. Sorry to say, those days are over. The fellow that used to meticulously marinate and then grill the tri-tip shared with me the "recipe," or at least the ingredients used in the marinade. Fortunately I saved a package label from the time he was preparing the meat so I have the ingredient list. The tri-tip being sold now is not good, it isn't even ok. The seasonings are sub par & the cooking method (oven-baked?) If you can re-create the recipe that was formerly used when the tri-tip was sold on Saturdays, I'll start buying it again. If not, I won't buy it and I'll advise friends to avoid it.


A: I thank you so much for your feedback on the tri-tip. During the summer we have had many spare the air days and have been forced to cook our tri-tip in the oven during these times. We pride ourselves on our bbq and wonderfully smoked meats. We will actually be having the barbecue today if you would like to come in and test it out. Please feel free to give me a call or email anytime with your suggestions.

Thanks so much,

David Hernandez, Deli Manager

The produce dept. seems to have come to life in the last 3 or 4 months - love the variety- presentation - just seems better - keep up the good work.


Q: Thanks for all of the plant-based/vegan items you carry. If you advertised some of them (free), more would get purchased and you would be able to continue carrying them. People on these pages are very interested and we post photos of items and sales we see to one another. and Both have chat groups that are active. Thanks.


A: Thank you for taking the time to appreciate our options! It’s heartening to receive such kind words. While we usually channel our social media efforts through our own Facebook page (, our Club Vegan page, our Teaching Kitchen page, or our Twitter and Instagram profiles, it’s always awesome to be invited to another table. I will look into options on those pages you mentioned!

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: No flaws! You guys are awesome!!


A: Thank you so much for your comment. We love that you love our Coop and value your patronage. If you haven’t tried it yet, come check out our 100% Organic salad bar.

Prasanna Regmi, General Manager

Q: I appreciate the recycling bins outside. Is there a chance we could add composting? A bin for compostables? Many of us live in apartment building and could bring items over (within reason) and compost Co-op food containers.


A: We are currently working towards offering compost collection on the patio. We are sourcing suitable receptacles, large, commercial size can liners, and increasing our pick-ups with DWR. We will however discourage folks from bringing their compostables from home. The city offers organics collection to all residents, including apartments.

Bija Young, Facilities Manager

Q: Landscaping and tables out front-GREAT!


A: Thanks for the feedback! Whole Systems Designs did a great job.

Bija Young, Facilities Manager

Q: New construction up front/near cashiers. Wrong color! The dark brown sucks the light/energy from the front of the Co-op.


A: Thanks for taking the time to write. The brown is one of four colors in our Davis Food Co-op brand pallet (visible in the Buyer's Office, down the hall on the right past Mermaid Sushi) and was the one that most closely matched current wall colors. As we make updates and adjustments in the store we will be using our brand pallet so things will start to match better. We will eventually have some colorful signs on that wall that will add more flare to that corner.

Bija Young, Facilities Manager

Q: Request that we install a self-checkout booth.


A: Thanks for the suggestion. We do not have the space to implement a self-checkout booth at this time.

Bija Young, Facilities Manager

Q: We love the coloring area and child-size carts!


A: Excellent! We love our littlest shoppers.

Bija Young, Facilities Manager

Q: New check stand lights = cool! But bulbs are really bright


A: Thanks for the comment. We need those bright lights to let all our shoppers know when a lane is open.

Bija Young, Facilities Manager

Q: There needs to be shade for the peeps in the square. Come on! Be human!


A: All folks who use the Free Speech Area are told prior to arriving on-site that they will need to provide their own shade.

Bija Young, Facilities Manager

Q: Request that we carry Cork it again wine. Love you guys.


A: We're so happy that the Davis wine scene is expanding and diversifying. Between Cork it Again, Putah Creek Winery's tasting room, Vini and the Co-op's wine tasting events there's always a great place to sip wonderful vino! Unfortunately, we just don't have space on our shelves for everyone. With Cork it Again just down G St. and with an awesome refill your bottle offer ($1 off) we thought it would be pretty easy for folks to purchase straight from their retail store. Check out their website for hours and events, they have Sip and Paint classes that are super fun!


Julie Loke, Wine Buyer/Asst. Grocery Manager

Q: We always seem to be out of Obi (soft drink). I have not seen Obi in the soft drink section in a couple of months-can I order it?


A: We have not discontinued Obi, it just has moved to a different spot. it is now located on aisle 8. Sorry for any confusion and thank you for shopping at the Co-op.

I’talia McCarthy, Interim Chill Manager

Q: The chocolate Ibarra I bought last week looked and tasted heat-damaged. I think it might need to be stored in an area away from the light. It was in the sunny coffee porch. Maybe it had melted there or on the delivery truck. I’ll eat it anyway but it’s much better when fresh.


A: So sorry to hear that. We are looking in to moving the drinking chocolate in to the baking aisle. Stay tuned. Thanks.

Rose McFadden, Grocery Manager

In Brief:

Thanks for suggesting, we’ll look into:

  • Village Bakery Sliced Rye
  • Kamut Rice Cakes
  • Coconut Black Tea

Sorry, our distributor does not have:

• Conservation Magazine

We do carry:

• Aloe juice (in Wellness and the front cooler!)

Sorry, due to limited space we cannot bring in:

  • Badger Rose Facial Oil
  • Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine
  • V-Dog Dog Food
  • Mrs Meyers Laundry Detergent

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