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April 2016

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Q: Request that we carry Tony’s coffee in the coffee bar! Many customers keep requesting it. Perhaps a separate display / stand for it?


A: Thank you for your suggestion. We are working with a limited space for our coffee bar. But we are always trying to find ways to help our customer have a pleasant experience while in our store. We will look at our options and see if we can accommodate your request.

Gina DeCambra, Deli Manager

Q: Please be more careful in labelling the (wonderful) new recipes. I read the labels to see if there is hot spice so I cannot be hurt by it. The elbow macaroni sounded great but there was hot chili flakes in it not on the label.


A: Thank you for your feedback. We are glad that you are happy with our new recipes. We will be more careful with our labeling for spicy items on the hot bar. We are constantly changing our labels to help our customers choose their favorite meals.

Gina DeCambra, Deli Manager

Q: This is a delayed comment. Tried with great anticipation about a month ago when you had twice baked eggplant on the menu. I love eggplant but that dish didn’t work because the breading over the eggplant was so thick and overpowering that you couldn’t even taste the eggplant, sigh.


A: At that time we were currently training new cooks. We have since adjusted recipes and are doing our best to have consistency with our hot bar menu. Thank you for letting us know another recipe that needs to be changed.

Gina DeCambra, Deli Manager

Q: We are both long time members of the Davis Food Co-op. We enjoy coming and eating lunch while we shop. We would truly appreciate it if the staff could indicate when the entrees are spicy.


A: Thank you for your feedback. We are constantly updating our signs. We will make sure to go through our menu and make sure our spicy recipes are properly labeled.

Gina DeCambra, Deli Manager

Q: Request that we carry chicken & veggie rice bowls again. I’m shocked that you removed one of the only healthy and delicious lunch items that you offer! I ate (again) at the hot bar and again was forced to eat either greasy, unhealthy, or tasteless food. Bring back what worked!!


A: We are currently working on creating more grab and go space for the rice bowls and other options. Thank you for being understanding of the Co-op’s transitions.

Gina DeCambra, Deli Manager

Q: Thank Samuel for his wonderful customer service and friendly nature. Thanks for carrying Diestel meats!


A: It is always great to hear about one of our wonderful staff members. We are glad that your visit was pleasant and you are enjoying our Diestel meat options. Hope to see you again soon.

Gina DeCambra, Deli Manager

Q: Request that we carry spicy chicken bowls. You guys got rid of the udon noodle and spicy chicken bowls! They were my favorite food on earth. Please bring them back!


A: Mermaid Sushi has been adjusting their grab and go items. We will make sure to let them know that their bowls were one of your favorite lunch options, and hopefully we can give them what they need to be able to keep the shelf stocked with more grab and go bowls for our customers.

Gina DeCambra, Deli Manager

Q: The hot deli Thanksgiving buffet was not near as good as previous years. The large blocks of turkey were dry and tough. The stuffing was dry and crumbly and the gravy was not as tasty.


A: Over the years, we have adjusted our holiday menus accordingly to customer favorites. We will hopefully improve next year’s menu with help from your suggestions as well. We appreciate your feedback. They help us better our recipes and menu options for our valued customers.

Gina DeCambra, Deli Manager

Q: I think you are making a mistake having all the gingerbread house kits in the back of the store. The big amount of the holiday stuff is near the front for all to see. I’m in the store 3-4x weekly and had not seen the “house kits” till yesterday and by then I’d already bought one at TJ’s where they are indeed displayed near store front.


A.: We have had these up at the front bakery tables for the past few weeks. Thanks.

Rose McFadden, Grocery Manager

Q: Please consider sourcing pine nuts from anywhere but China. The Chinese are devastating the forests in Russia with their unecological pine nut harvesting – animals are starving and the forest is dying. Please check out the article in the New York Times from October 19, 2015: Making Pesto? Hold the Pine Nuts.


A: We will look for another vendor.

Chad Bogin, Bulk Manager

Q: Just wondering what happened to the Sacramento Tofu Company Soy Milk? It was good quality and economical.


A: Sacramento Tofu Company went out of business.

Mike Webb, Dairy Department

Q: Request that we carry more marzipan fruit at Xmas. Repeat problem for 5+ years.


A: We will try and get more next year. Sorry to disappoint.

Rose McFadden, Grocery Manager


In Brief:

Yes we do carry (please ask if you can’t find it):

• Julie’s Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

We will bring in:

• Beyond Meat Beefless Crumbles

• Fish People Salmon with Chardonnay Wine Sauce

• Western Family Storage Bags

• Baby Brie Cheese

• Teff Tortillas

• OG Kombucha

• Alvarado St. Whole Wheat Tortillas

• Voskos Nonfat Greek Yogurt

Thanks for suggesting, we’ll look into:

• Bread from the Baker & the Cakemaker

• Other flavors of Kombucha

Out of stock due to production issues:

• English Farmhouse Cheddar

• Crystal Geyser Pink Grapefruit Soda in 32 oz. bottle

Sorry, our distributor does not have: • Heidi Ho Ne Chevre

• Dry (powder) whole milk

• Western Family bread

We no longer carry due to slow sales (some may be special ordered):

• Natural Brew Root Beer

• Nancy’s Lowfat Greek Yogurt