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June 2016

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Q: We should get a master list for the bulk jars. One the customers can see.


A: I will check with marketing as to how we can do this.

Becky Santos, Bulk Foods Buyer

Q: Micaela’s tortillas-I love them and have been buying them for years. They are often moldy. There are moldy ones on the shelves right now. Nugget refrigerates theirs. They really should be put in the fridge in the store.


A: Thank you for this feedback. We will look into getting them a space in the refrigerated cooler. Thanks.

Rose McFadden, Grocery and Wellness Manager

Q: Move the organic rolled oats to a gravity bin so it’s easier to get them and caused less of a mess.


A: The organic rolled oats are on the floor because we need a bin that can hold at least 25+ pounds. The gravity bin holds approximately 12 lbs. We generally go through 50+ pounds a day. We do not have the space in the gravity bins to run 2 bins. We would be running out of oats regularly. If a customer is having problems getting the oats, we would gladly help them.

Becky Santos, Bulk Foods Buyer

Q: Tear out the unused tarmac by the old front door and put in a quiet grass eating area, similar to the volunteer garden of days of gone!


A: Thanks for the feedback. We are exploring options for better use of our outdoor space.

Bija Young, Facilities Manager

In Brief:

Yes we do carry (please ask if you can’t find it):

• Blue Corn Chips single-serving

We will bring in:

• Vegan yogurt starter

Thanks for suggesting, we’ll look into:

• Teff Grain

• Natto

Sorry, our distributor does not have:

• Mushroom popcorn

• Anderson's tomato soup

We no longer carry due to slow sales (some may be special ordered):

• Canario beans

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