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May/June 2017

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Q: We always seem to be out of ground white pepper and vanilla beans plus other items. Also, it doesn't seem that anyone employee(s) are assigned to the bulk section. Previously, I always recognize at least one or two employees who worked the bulk section. Since I see frequent signs "Out of Stock", I'm wondering if this is the failure to perform periodic inventory.

A: Thanks for your feedback. I want to reassure you that your observations are not indicative of a failure to inventory, and that we have restocked our white pepper. I spoke with our new Bulk Buyer, Mike Haggerty, and he explained that we used to get vanilla beans through Frontier (an awesome Co-op, but an independent vendor). They would take a while to get here. We just switched to UNFI (a major distributor), so now our vanilla beans will be easier to keep in stock.

I'm sorry that when you're shopping, you find yourself alone in the Bulk aisle! It's always ok to ask an employee working in a different part of the store to help you in Bulk. Our Chill Department includes bulk, frozen, dairy, and cheese, so those employees have large area to cover. You may not see faces you recognize in Bulk, as our employees tend to get promoted (yay!) and also move on from our store to pursue their dreams.


Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: I can't believe you painted over the butterflies outside, especially with those dismal colors instead of the happy spring green. Stop painting the Co-op with my dividend. I guess you're going for the "soul-less corporate" look - I hear it's all the rage. I'm certainly enraged.

A: I’m sorry to hear our color choice enraged you! Painting is routine maintenance for the exterior of any building. The bittersweet truth about mural work is that it degrades over time… and our Co-op enjoyed a re-brand since that art was painted on our patio. We chose two of our four “new” colors (the colors were updated in 2012!), DFC Teal and DFC Chocolate Brown, specifically because they let Mark Rivera’s beautiful sculpture shine.


Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: The new lids for bulk spring greens, arugula, etc, are very hard to open and close.


A: We agree that the lids are a bit stubborn, but so far that's our only qualm with the new bins so far. They should loosen up a bit over time and not be so hard to open and close.

If you cross paths with a particularly stubborn bin, please don't hesitate to ask anyone in Produce (or any employee nearby) and we would be happy to assist you.

I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you so much for shopping at the Davis Food Co-op!

Brad Elliott, Produce Manager

Q: Thanks for providing fajita mix today in the Meat Department. We love it!


A: Welcome! Keep an eye out weekends as it will be a regular item then. Sometimes during the week too. Also, have you tried the Tequila Lime Marinated Carne Asada? People really dig that for their tacos!

Jim Pavlichek, Meat Manager

Q: Would like to see more meat dishes in the hot food area.

L. L.

Q: The new deli case layout is really offensive to me. I am sure your meats are high quality but they don't belong in front with the regular dishes. It's one thing to have meat mixed into a dish, but huge slices of flesh with bones and blood is very disturbing. Not only that, there is a high risk of cross-contamination passed over the vegan and vegetarian dishes. Please put the meat back on the other side where people can ignore it if it disturbs them.

A. M.

A: Thanks for your feedback regarding our Deli. We made a few organizational changes to our cold case, and have been increasing our protein options since the beginning of the year. Have you tried our shrimp, or our delicious baked crab cakes?

It’s worthwhile for us to try to balance the diverse needs of our community, be those vegan or carnivorous needs. Since we made the decision to showcase protein (which includes our in-house marinated tofu steaks) at the very front of the case, our weekly sales have increased in the Deli by an average of 20%. This may point to our community’s interest in animal protein; but it also works in favor of people who prefer plant-based alternatives. One of our goals is to nurture and support sustainable food systems, and we are better able to do that when we are a successful and profitable business.

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: Your patio lights come on at 6:20pm, even in May. It doesn't get dark until 8 or 9pm. It is really unpleasant to sit there between 6:20 and 9:20.

A. H.

A: Thank you so much for making us aware of this problem. I have adjusted our timer for the lights on the patio to go off between 8 and 8:30 pm.

I'talia McCarthy, Operations Manager

Q: Are the Sixth Street curbs and tree islands not under the Co-op’s care? They are weedy and unkempt.

S. C.

A: Bruce our Maintenance Coordinator was out shortly due to a family emergency, but is back now, and will be working on the upkeep of the weeds.

I'talia McCarthy, Operations Manager

Q: Reduce or eliminate white sugar, flour and rice products! We come in for health - many with special dietary needs that are vital for our emotional, spiritual and physical health. These products are unnecessary and unhealthy. Instead of Coke, have a staff member available to offer a healthy alternative like KeVita or Zevia. It's our responsibility to our People (and animals & plants, etc), not profit mission statement. Really, *@!# money.

L. W. C.

A: Hello fellow Co-op Owner! Thank you so much for taking the time to submit a suggestion. The Co-op showcases natural, organic and local foods, but strives to offer a full spectrum of groceries to serve our entire community. We try to accommodate all of our owners, those with dietary needs and those without.

We are currently not looking at getting rid of Conventional products such as the ones that you mentioned in your suggestion. Major decisions such as that usually need the approval of the Board of Directors and the ownership. Most of the decisions such as product selection are made based on our Ends.

Read our Ends here.

We heavily rely on education to inform our ownership about health, food systems, the environment and cooperatives, rather then limiting the selection of products in our store. This makes us more inclusive and able to capture a larger part of the community.

Once again thank you for your suggestion and if you have any further questions, please feel free to call or email me.


I’talia McCarthy, Operations Manager

Q: I'm wondering if it could be possible to put the rotisserie chickens in something other than plastic? I'd like to buy one now and then but I don't want a chicken that's been sitting on a hot plate in a plastic bag. I've seen other stores carry Mary's chickens and keep them on a hot plate, but in boxes instead of plastic bags. (The Good Earth in Fairfax does this.) Please let me know if this is possible!

K. Y.

A: Thank you for your suggestion. As we speak, we are looking into a better packaging program for the entire deli.

Bryan Hankins, Deli Manager

Q: Tofu Cashew spread used to be offered bulk at the deli counter at $11.99 per pound. It is not prepackaged on the shelf next to the hummus, etc. There is no price on the shelf and the 4 oz. containers are $4.00 each ($16 per pound). But the price per pound is not noted on the label. These are deceptive marketing practices. Also, really an extraordinary price increase, i.e. rip-off. I would prefer a public reply in the newsletter.

J. E.

A: I think you misread the label. Those are 8 oz containers, not 4 oz. Our staff is pretty rigorous about making sure those servings average 0.5 lbs. If we were still charging $11.99/lb, those portions would amount to $5.99 per container. Which means our new price of $4 per container is 33% less than what you were used to, and just $8/lb! We’re pretty stoked to be able to offer this Co-op classic at an even lower price than people expect. Thanks for taking the time to write; we hope you’ll take advantage of this awesome deal sometime soon.


Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: Can we have a compost collection bin out front? for food scraps, compostable utensils, etc.

R. B.

A: Yes, we can! Hopefully you’ll see a new bin for consumer compost out on our patio in the next few weeks.

I'talia McCarthy, Operations Manager

Q: Request that we carry Yogi Green Tea Muscle Recovery.

M. L.

A: Thanks for the suggestion, Maria. We'll be reviewing the tea set very soon and will take your suggestion into consideration. If you're a Co-op owner, we'd be more than happy to special order a case for you today. That's 6 boxes of 16 bags and you'll receive 10% off. Feel free to write me or ask any of our staff if you'd like to go ahead with the special order. Thanks for shopping at the Co-op!

Julie Loke, Center Store Manager

Youre welcome!

You guys are a wonderful refuge!

B. F.

Excellent cashiers.

R. B.

I just saw Rubicel in training at the hot bar. I'm so excited to see him working at the Co-op! I hope he gets the opportunity to bake here. I used to go to his bakery regularly in west Davis because he made the BEST pastries in town! Yay for the Co-op and yay for me!


In Brief:

Sorry, these items have been discontinued by their manufacturer:

  • CoolHaus strawberry/snickerdoodle ice cream sandwiches
  • Rice Dream single serving ice cream bars (The Rice Dream Mint Pie Sandwiches just made a comeback, hopefully the others will soon resurface!)

Yes, we do carry:

  • Buckwheat Hot Cereal — it’s back after a brief manufacturer outage
  • Diestel regular oven roasted turkey breast slices

Thanks for your suggestion! We now carry:

  • Forager Yogurt (3 varieties)
  • Ecover Zero Laundry Ddetergent, unscented
  • Food-grade diatomaceous earth

Thanks for your feedback! We have increased our order of:

  • Organic Valley 2% Milk in the half gallon size
  • La Brea Whole Grain
  • Chobani 5.3 g Greek Yogurt (plain

Thanks for your feedback! We are working to bring in:

  • Kite Hill Unsweetened Yogurt
  • Two Tias Tortillas
  • Straus Family Milk in plastic gallon jugs
  • Genova frozen lasagna, both meat & veg (Have you tried Amy’s and Udi’s brand lasangas? We love those!)
  • Small size (smaller than pint) 3 Twins coffee ice cream (we do have six other flavors in this size)
  • Next Organics Drk Choco Quinoa

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