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January/ February 2018

Last updated 2/21/18

Q: Have you considered Bio Bags for produce instead of regular plastic? I'm sure it's more expensive, but how much more?

T. M.

A: Good afternoon, we have received your suggestion for compostable produce bags and are working on bringing them into the department. For the time being we do have paper bags available. If you do not see them out on a display, please ask a Produce Clerk for assistance. Thank you for your thoughtful suggestion.

Meghan Kelly, Produce Manager

Q: Thank you! I would like to request that you switch bottom container to cardboard, like they do at Nugget. Your chef uses plastic on top and bottom. Thank you!

L. K.

A: Thank you for your request for a cardboard container bottom. We tried using them back in 2009 but we had some issues with those containers not completely sealing and had temperature and the moisture issues for the customers who don't consume right away. So we decided not to use them. Sometimes we see customers will put sushi which is the (cold product) and hot chicken (hot product) together in the same bag when they carry home. We had a major concern that sushi will not be sealed tight till consumed. But we are always keeping our options open and will try to improve in the future. Your feedback and suggestions are very important to go further and to make the best out of our products. So we appreciate you so very much for your time and request.

-Sithu and Zin, Mermaid Sushi

Q: You must move the candles + all fragrance to a secluded closed off area as it closes my throat up- It's hard enough finding a cashier (w) out hand sanitizers + perfumes. Sanitizers have perfume in them + so does the alcohol stuff. We wait in line + the scents are enough that can make us sick + can't breathe. My throat is already closed + I will have to use enhaler so we wait in line + can't breathe make a room (w) a door- get it out of checking out

C. M.

A: I am sorry to hear that the fragrance from our candles bothers you so much. I would like to inform you that we have a reset coming up this year that will change the location of the candles. Please look for this change in the near future.

I’talia McCarthy, Operations Manager

Q: You carry the other Rebbl drinks (front case by hot food) but not the Reichi (or Riechi-sp?) It is the one that isn't super sweet. Tx


A: Thanks for writing us! We do have a the Rebble Reishi Chocolate Elixir drink. Is that the one you're thinking of? It's located in the front. Let us know if you can't find it and any staff will help! Thanks for shopping at the Co-op!

Julie Loke, Center Store Manager

Q: Request we carry organic Soaps by

K. B.

A: Thanks for leaving us a message about Wingsets soaps. I visited the website and unfortunately they are not selling wholesale at this time. They only sell direct to consumers via their website. Thanks for shopping at the Co-op!

Julie Loke, Center Store Manager

Q: We always seem to be out of La Brea Whole Grain Bread

S. R.

A: Thanks for writing! Our apologies, there has been a manufacturer outage for a little while on that delicious Whole Grain Bread from La Brea. As soon as it's available, we'll have it back!

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: It would be AMAZING if you could post the nutrition information (or just calorie count at the very least) on your items in the hot bar and the DFC goods in the cold case next to it. I eat from that section very frequently because I work in walking distance to the co-op, so it would be really helpful for me in continuing to try to make healthy choices. Also your country fried tofu is awesome, I wouldn't complain if you stocked it more often!

K. A.

A: We are working on a process that would allow us to post nutrition information at the Hot Bar in the future. Stay tuned! We're also test-driving a new system for posting our daily Hot Bar menu on Twitter and Facebook. That will launch on Monday, January 15. Let us know what you think! Thanks so much for writing.

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: Request that we carry Meusli bread from Pure Grain Bakery. We haven't seen it for several
weeks and notice that there is no longer a space for it on the shelf. Please bring it back; we miss it!

R. K.

A: Pure Grain has ceased distribution of their wonderful breads. Their bakery is still open in Vacaville, however. As of early November, that is the only location where their goods can be purchased.

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

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You’re welcome!

Marian was very helpful in helping me navigate the store.


All of you! I have been a member since 1989 and my shopping experience is just about always great! Employees are so helpful and friendly. I have been well educated by many employees about products, practices etc...thanks!


In Brief:

Sorry, these items are currently unavailable:

  • Wingsets soaps
  • Pure Grain Bakery Breads

Yes, we do carry:

  • Juxtapoz and Mother Jones Magazines
  • Rebble Reishi Chocolate Elixir

Thanks for your feedback! We will try to bring in (or back):

  • More magnets for the bulletin board

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