Good Food

At the Davis Food Co-op, we are truly passionate about food.

More than just a basic need, food is a delight, a celebration and a choice. Food is a lifelong adventure and our most intimate commodity. We're open from 7am to 10pm to sell you that food, with plenty of good people to help you find what you need. 364 days a year, unless it's a Leap Year.

You’ll find all kinds of food at the Co-op; foods that comfort, foods that excite, foods that nourish, foods that surprise. Our favorite are foods that make us dance. It's no wonder we're dancing all the time.

The Davis Food Co-op offers an abundance of natural, organic and locally grown foods in addition to the traditional brands you may know well. We hope you'll enjoy exploring new foods as well as embracing old favorites.

What is local? Look for the “Local” tags in produce (and all around the store) to find items produced within 100 miles of Davis. Whether local or not, the Co-op labels every produce item with its origin, so you know how far your food traveled. Our Local Food List is a neat thing to browse, if you have the time and inclination.

What is P6? P6 stands for Principle Six: Cooperation Among Co-ops. P6 is a cooperative trade movement, designed to build appreciation for an awareness of "the little guy." A product is P6 if it meets two out of the three following criteria:

  • produced by a co-op or non-profit business
  • grown by a small farm or made by small-scale producers
  • local (within 100 miles of you)