Q-S Bulk Products

RICE, arborio  
O RICE, basmati brown  
O RICE, basmati white  
RICE, basmati white Indian 
O RICE, brown rice, germinated
O Rice, Cal Rose Brown Medium
O Rice, Cal Rose White
RICE, forbidden China Black 
RICE, japonica       
O RICE, jasmine brown, 
RICE, jasmine ruby red
O RICE, jasmine white,    
RICE, jasmine white,     Thailand
O RICE, koshihikari, quick brown rice
RICE, long brown        
O RICE, long brown
RICE, long white   
O RICE, long white        
RICE, purple jasmine
RICE, rice bran
O RICE, short brown      
RICE, short brown      
RICE, short grain premium rice
O RICE, sushi                    
O RICE, Sushi brown (golden rose)
O RICE, sweet brown
RICE, sweet white  
O RICE, volcano blend
O RICE, wehani              
RICE, white medium
O RICE, wild blend
O RICE, wild California
Salt, Himalayan table, coarse
Salt, Real   
Salt, sea                  
SALT, Himalayan crystallized pink salt, fine sift
O SEEDS, flax seeds, golden whole
O SEEDS, flax seeds, whole
O SEEDS, popcorn
O SEEDS, popcorn,  multi-colored
O SEEDS, pumpkin seeds, dry R/S
O SEEDS, pumpkin seeds, raw Chinese
SEEDS, pumpkin seeds, spicy
O SEEDS, sesame seeds, brown whole
O SEEDS, sesame seeds, white  mechanically  hulled
SEEDS, sunflower seeds, hulled
O SEEDS, sunflower seeds, hulled
O SEEDS, sunflower seeds, in-shell
SEEDS, sunflower seeds, R/S
SEEDS, sunflower seeds, whole tamari
SNACKS, Almond Krinkle
SNACKS, Almonds, maple
SNACKS, Animal cookies                
SNACKS, Aussie style red licorice
O SNACKS, Banana chips
SNACKS, Bars,  fig whole wheat 
SNACKS, Bars, fig wheat-free
SNACKS, Bars, peach apricot  
SNACKS, Butter toffee peanuts
SNACKS, Cappuccino almonds
SNACKS, Carob almonds 
SNACKS, Carob raisin no dairy 
SNACKS, Cashew butter krinkles
SNACKS, Chocolate almonds, dark  
O SNACKS, Chocolate covered cherries
SNACKS, Chocolate english toffee
SNACKS, Chocolate maltballs         
SNACKS, Chocolate mocha almods
O SNACKS, Chocolate peanut butter
SNACKS, Chocolate peanut butter malt balls
SNACKS, Chocolate pretzels
SNACKS, Chocolate raisins, dark     
SNACKS, Chocolate Stars, milk frosted
SNACKS, Chocolate Toffee Peanuts
SNACKS, Chocolate Truffle Almonds
O SNACKS, Chunks of Energy, Chocolate Paradise
SNACKS, Chunks of Energy, Mixed Berry Blast
O SNACKS, Chunks of Energy, Raw Cacao Goji
SNACKS, Cinnamon Stars, frosted
O SNACKS, Cranberries, Dark Chocolate
SNACKS, Dark Chocolate Nonpariels
SNACKS, Dark Chocolate Sundrops
SNACKS, Dark chocolate, sea salt cashews
SNACKS, Figamajigs
SNACKS, Fried Green Peas
SNACKS, Frosted Four Star Cookies
SNACKS, Garlic Sesame Sticks
SNACKS, Ginger Chews
SNACKS, Glad Corn
SNACKS, Honey orange almonds
SNACKS, Honey roast almonds
SNACKS, Honey roast cinnamon almonds
SNACKS, Honey Roast Nut Mix
SNACKS, Iri Goma, roasted white sesame
O SNACKS, Japanese Rice Crackers
SNACKS, Joyva Sesame Crunch
SNACKS, Jumpin' Java Dark Chocolate
SNACKS, Licorice chews black
O SNACKS, Lollipops
SNACKS, Milk Chocolate Raisins
SNACKS, Natural butter toffee almonds
SNACKS, Natural maple almonds
SNACKS, Oriental party mix
SNACKS, Peach honey almonds
SNACKS, Peanut butter krinkles
SNACKS, Peanut Butter Star, frosted
SNACKS, Poppy, Onion Sesame
SNACKS, Pretzels mini                     
SNACKS, Pretzels, Dark chocolate
SNACKS, Pretzels, Peanut Butter
SNACKS, Ranch Almonds
SNACKS, Raspberry honey almonds
SNACKS, Sesame almonds
SNACKS, Sesame sticks
SNACKS, Sesame Sticks, honey roasted
SNACKS, Spelt sticks
SNACKS, Sundrops                         
SNACKS, Sundrops dark chocolate
SNACKS, Sundrops peanut              
O SNACKS, sunny bears natural
O SNACKS, Sunny fruit slices
O SNACKS, Sunny worms
SNACKS, Veggie chips
SNACKS, Wasabi Samuri Mix
SNACKS, Yogurt  peanuts
SNACKS, Yogurt almonds
SNACKS, Yogurt pretzels
SNACKS, Yogurt raisins
Soy protein powder 
O Soy sauce shoyu      
Soy Strips (non-gmo)
O SWEETENERS, Coconut sugar
SWEETENERS, Honey, Valley Blossom, local (Moonshine Honey)
O SWEETENERS, Maple syrup grade A     
O SWEETENERS, Maple syrup grade B    
SWEETENERS, Rapadura sugar
SWEETENERS, sugar,  brown
SWEETENERS, sugar, fructose
SWEETENERS, sugar, Powdered white

SWEETENERS, sugar, turbinado

O SWEETENERS, sugar, unrefined
SWEETENERS, sugar, white