Gluten Free List

Free to be Gluten-Free.

We have an ever-increasing array of gluten-free foods, and we proudly carry (and continue to seek out) certified gluten-free foods that are safe for Celiacs. We carry many products by esteemed gluten-free companies like Mary's Gone Crackers, Enjoy Life!, Glutino, Pamela's, Bob's Red Mill Certified Gluten-Free, GlutenFreeda, and many more. A few new gluten-free indulgences at the Co-op include:

Organic Straus Creamery Frozen Yogurt, available "on tap" in our Deli!

RP's Gluten-Free Fresh Pasta, refrigerated on Aisle 8.

Amy's Gluten-Free Sonoma Veggie Burgers, &

Organic Sunshine Veggie Burgers with hemp and sage,  frozen on Aisle 4 (and also dairy- and soy-free).

Our Gluten-Free Shopping List (PDF) while not very up-to-date, is a good rough guide to gluten-free grocery items at the Co-op.  This list will be particularly useful for folks just starting their gluten-free journey. PLEASE NOTE: Although we do carry delicious gluten-free oats and gluten-free pastas in our Bulk Department, we recommend (as we do to anyone with a severe allergy) that those who are gluten-averse refrain from buying Bulk Products. The risk of cross-contamination, however small, is still a risk. 

Stay safe. Read that label!

Many of the gluten-free products that we carry at the Davis Food Co-op are, in fact, produced in dedicated gluten-free facilities. When that is true, those words appear somewhere on the product package. Be careful, and always check your labels! Wheat-free does not necessarily mean gluten-free--oats, for example, must be certified gluten-free to be safe for Celiacs' consumption. 

Are you Gluten-Free? Think you might need to be? A wonderful Davis Food Co-op resource is our Gluten-Free Group, which meets the first Wednesday of every month. All are welcome to attend this friendly meeting to lend support to those who lead a gluten-free lifestyle. The meeting takes place in the Conference Room at the Co-op, at 6pm every first Wednesday.

Other resources for gluten-free living:

Celiac Sprue Association - Celiacs Helping Celiacs

What is safe to eat? We check Scott Adam's list.