Producer Profiles

Full Belly

Full Belly Farm is a family-run operation in gorgeous Guinda, California. Nestled in the Capay Valley, Full Belly grows wheat, corn, pomegranates, herbs, flowers, all manner of fruit & vegetables, and ground support for its surrounding community of farmers. Each year, farm owners Andrew Brait, Judith Redmond, Paul Muller, and Dru Rivers throw a party that makes the foothills ring with music and shake with laughter and dancing: Hoes Down Harvest Festival (annually on the first weekend in October) is a delicious weekend of organic, local and October. You can even camp in the middle of a warm almond grove. Get your tickets & bring your children!

"A Co-op Valentine," starring Dru Rivers of Full Belly Farm. A Big Tomato Production. Music by Lis Harvey, used with permission.