Davis Food Co-op


Education and Self-Expression is inherent in Cooperative Principle #5 (Education, Training, and Information) and Principle #7 (Concern for Community). Together we are creating the next generation of leaders and the Co-op is here to support!

Our Mission & Vision

Many of the Cooperative Principles and the City of Davis Values lead us to Education! Although we are a grocery store, we want our Co-op Kids to learn about all kinds of stuff, like science (baking and non-baking!), sustainability, local wildlife, fruits and veggies, agriculture, food certification knowledge, and self-expression through crafts!

Kids Classes

We offer kids classes once a month. There is a Little Kids section for ages 3-6 and Big Kids for ages 7-11. We also periodically offer free virtual classes for all ages, so be on the lookout! 



Anna Lopez, Education and Outreach Specialist

[email protected]

Christine Ciganovich, Marketing Specialist

[email protected]