Pay for the product, not the package! Take a stroll down our beautiful Bulk aisle (Aisle 1), and marvel at over 700 unique items we carry so that you don't have to buy more than you need. From grains to tea, spices to baking supplies, we carry dried fruit, legumes, treats, flours, protein powders, trail mix, maple syrup, olive oil, grind-your-own almond butter, and much more. Simply fill your container with the item and mark down the bin number. Our cashiers will use their register scale and that number, which corresponds correctly to the food's price-per-pound, to determine price.

The Davis Food Co-op offers bags for Bulk foods, but our foods are especially fond of reusable containers. There is a digital scale on the aisle, where you can weigh your container before adding a Bulk product. Mark the starting weight of your container with a T (stands for the “tare” weight). Fill up your container, make a note of the Bulk product's bin number, and you're golden!

What is this stuff? Have a parcel of something at home, labeled only with a four-digit number? You’re not alone! Use our handy Bulk Products list to identify your mystery food.

*ALLERGEN ALERT: The Co-op recommends that shoppers with severe food allergies avoid Bulk products.

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  • Home Brewing supplies now sold here!


    We're proud to announce the availability of home brewing supplies at the Co-op! You'll find them at the end of Aisle 1, past the bulk and raw foods, and close to the west end of the beer cooler. We stock most of the hardware you'll need, malted barley, hops, yeasts, water salts, and adjuncts.

    We hope to serve both those starting to brew and folks who are getting further into it. For...