Local, aged, bold and saged, we've got the cheese for you.


The Davis Food Co-op's Cheese Counter; just one of many areas where we keep our delicious cheeses and creative pairings!

In 2008 the Co-op Cheese Department saw a major renovation and expansion—and local cheese lovers rejoiced! Our Cheese Department now boasts hundreds of unique cheeses, both local and international, crafted from the milk of goats, sheep, cows, even water buffalo. Most days you can taste samples, and we love giving out slivers of whatever we're cutting. Can’t find the right size? Our friendly cheese department staff can custom-cut pieces for you upon request. Overwhelmed by all the cheese choices? Just ask! We absolutely love to help, and many of us are secret cheese researchers on the side. (Shh.) The Co-op also offers cheese tasting and cheese making classes in our Teaching Kitchen.

What is local? Look for the “Local” tags in produce (and all around the store) to find items produced within 100 miles of Davis. Whether local or not, the Co-op labels every produce item with its origin, so you know how far your food traveled. Our Local Food List is a neat thing to browse, if you have the time and inclination.

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