Golden Delight: New in our local cheese cache!

Come to the Davis Food Co-op cheese counter to ask about new and local cheeses. Like our new fave, Golden Delight, an aged sheep's milk cheese, sourced locally from Golden Valley Farm in Modesto, just 80 miles south of the Co-op.

Golden Delight Wheel

A wheel of Golden Delight sports a spoke-like pattern, which is pressed into its ashy-yellow rind.The natural yellow hue, often associated with traditional cheddars made with grass fed cow's milk, is due to the sheep's similar diet. Aged 60 days, this cheese has a firm but smooth texture and no crunch.

Golden Delight Slice

Golden Delight is salty, complex & subtly tart with a continuous and overarching "sheep-ish" flavor--a great cheese to pair with beer. Take home a wedge of this local treasure, and a couple bottles of Red Chair, Deschutes Brewery's Northwest Pale Ale. Drink, munch, repeat.