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Jaymes Luu's incredible popsicles are available in our frozen section!

Our major dairy supplier is Clover Stornetta Farms from Petaluma, CA (about 75 miles from Davis). The Co-op also features organic dairy products from Organic Valley, a farmer-owned cooperative with participating dairies located all over Northern California. Prefer your milk in glass? Look for organic milk in glass jugs from Straus Family Creamery, farmed in Marin County, California (about 80 miles from Davis). We charge a deposit on the glass jugs, which we refund when the jug is returned.

You will also find many yogurts chock-full of live cultures in the Co-op dairy department as well as gourmet butters and all sorts of non-dairy options.

The Co-op features cage-free and organic eggs including eggs from Vega Farms, located right here in Davis.

What is local? Look for the “Local” tags in produce (and all around the store) to find items produced within 100 miles of Davis. Whether local or not, the Co-op labels every produce item with its origin, so you know how far your food traveled. Our Local Food List is a neat thing to browse, if you have the time and inclination.

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  • Study suggests organic milk may be more heart-healthy

    There's at least one nutritional advantage you can gain by using whole milk that is from cows in an organically-certified dairy. "In the first large-scale study to compare milk from organic and conventional dairies across the United States, the researchers found significantly higher levels of heart-healthy fatty acids in organic milk.

    The reason is that organically raised cows eat more...