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We’ve come a long way since 1972, when the Co-op was just a hatchling in someone’s garage. Yes, we’ve still got concrete floors. But forty years on, we’ve got a delicious Deli that’s consistently voted the Best Vegetarian eatery in Yolo County, with the added benefit of house-roasted chickens, fresh-rolled sushi, hand-sliced meats from local ranches, and an Executive Chef who'll make your catering dreams come true! We're also the happy-hour location that’s the best-kept secret in Davis. We’re speaking of the patio, of course. Serving until 9 pm, with a mammoth selection of “bar snacks” just a stroll away.

The Deli's Coffee Bar is ready at 7am, with cold-brew, fair-trade, and a variety of organic milks and sweeteners to make your morning go. Try our “spicy” mocha or hot cocoa when it’s co-old outside, and grab a breakfast burrito from our hot bar, featuring Vega eggs or Sacramento Tofu Company’s soy wonder.


The DFC Deli squeezes its own organic orange juice, crafts its own incredible beet-and-kale salad, conjures its famously addictive tofu spread, and crams as many organic ingredients as possible into everything.* From our fresh-baked croissant rolls to our stunning dessert case, we use the best stuff we can get our hands on. That means Spectrum Shortening in our pies, which translates to no trans fats. That also means local meats from Niman Ranch, 5 Dot, Diestel, and Petaluma Chicken, which translates to nom nom nom. We exclusively use the tofu from our friends at Sacramento Tofu Company in all of our Hot Bar items—Sacramento Tofu Co. also delivers their tasty-when-plain tofu to our Bulk Department so you can take home exactly the quarter-cup of soy that you need. *You asked so nicely for so many years. So yes! The DFC Deli puts organic first.

Whether you’re picking up a quick meal to take away, collecting scrumptious & healthy just-made DFC Deli salads for your week, or stocking up on sliced meats and cheeses, the DFC Deli is sure to impress. And yes, we also do catering platters! Veggie crudite with vegan dip for a graduation party? No problem. Ask any Deli staffer for help.

Now available in the Davis Food Co-op's Deli:

  • Draft Beer & Kombucha! We have four taps now in the Deli, and one is reserved for a refreshing kombucha! Come on by for our rotating selection of beer or gluten-free cider!
  • Co-op Deli Catering is available - get the brochure here. Call (530) 758-2667, ext 133 to place an order.
  • Sandwiches, Wraps & Paninis--made to order from a rainbow of fresh veggies, breads (including gluten-free), cheeses, tofu and meats from Niman Ranch, Llano Seco and Diestel. Check out our order-form, below, and our new soup n sandwich option!
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  • Wine--have a local glass of wine with your meal on the patio!
  • Salad Bar—fresh, healthy, and organic whenever possible.
  • Hot Food—two buffets include soups, stews, rices, Eastern entrees, tofu & veggies.
  • Sushi—sustainable, fresh and handmade all day by our Mermaid Sushi chefs. Sushi at the Co-op might just be the very best value in town, since Mermaid Sushi is committed to sustainable seafood, brown-rice options, absolutely no high-fructose corn syrup, no aspartame and no artificial colors. Missing your favorite roll? Ask Sithu (pronounced C-2) to create it for you. His maki, nigiri, and vegetarian party platters are perfect for dinner parties of all shapes and sizes.
  • Bakery—Our breads, scones, muffins and landmark Co-op cookies greet you as you enter the store. Choose from items baked fresh daily, including pretzel rolls, croissants, shortbread cookies, and pies that will make you weep just to look at them. Baked and cooled right at your Co-op, with no trans fats, period.
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