Good deals for makers and bakers

This is just a sampling of some of the good sales we currently are running that will help you make and bake seasonal delights.

If you're going to heat up a deep fryer, pure peanut oil is a great choice. We have Western Family one gallon bottles of pure peanut oil for $15.99 each. Soup on the menu? You can start with these Pacific Natural Foods broths: 32 oz (one quart) aseptic containers of Organic Vegetable, Organic Free Range Chicken, and Organic low sodium Free Range Chicken are all $2.49 each.

Were you thinking of making pumpkin pie? We've got Pure Pumpkin or Pumpkin Pie Mix from Libby's in 29 oz cans for 2.79 each. You want that organic? We've got Farmer's Market 15 oz cans of organic canned pumpkin for $2.19 or organic pumpkin pie mix for $2.39.

Here's a deal that goes away after tomorrow: organic Thompson seedless raisins in bulk for $2.19 per pound (bin 7312).

Remember that we have great regular prices on spices, in bulk or specialty mixes from Spicely and Frontier. For your making and baking pleasure, most of our Frontier Co-op packaged spices are on sale now: from Nutmeg to Lemon Pepper to Celery Seed, it's a good time to establish a new spice rack if you don't have one!