What's this Co-op Cook's Challenge business?

Cook's Challenge:

/Kooks CHalinj/

A Co-op invitational! Especially for you. Every other week or so, we'll have a slide show and recipe handout for some moderately difficult recipe. Home chefs are invited to cook along, then send us a photo or a link to a blog, or a video link, or your results in some way. #coopcookschallenge Cook something new! Occasionally we'll run a contest. Find information on our Facebook page, or email jcross a t davisfood d o t coop, and we'll add you to the mailing list.

Make the most beautiful, most delicious Danish in the world for your next brunch or picnic gathering!

Serves 12-16.

Download the PDF here.

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I'talia & Laura ooh and ahh over Laura's Fabulous Braided Danish. The glory could be yours! Check out the PDF now.