Spring Keeps On A Springin'

Cool, gray mornings that give way to long sunny afternoons capped off with a spectacular storm can only mean that Spring is here in the valley.

Spring in the Produce Department

My favorite telltale sign though has got to be the appearance of local asparagus! Green, purple, slender, colossal...all hues and sizes of this herbaceous relative of the lily are a seasonal delicacy best enjoyed with abandon! My favorite way to prepare it is pan seared with a little salt, pepper and white wine followed with a drizzle of Yolo Press Olive Oil, I could eat that every day!

Our green asparagus is all locally grown by family farms from within 30 miles of the store. On any given day you can find asparagus from Riverdog, Full Belly, Capay Organic, Durst Organic and Fiddler's Green.

Another glorious harbinger is the mighty morel mushroom. Available for a brief window in March/April this lovely foraged fungus comes to us from Moss Landing, CA.The honeycombed capped mushroom has a woody robust flavor— yummy sautéed with butter and garlic or if you want to go all out try breading the shrooms and fry in a little oil.

Know what goes really well with morels? A lovely spring green like Fiddlehead Ferns! Once only enjoyed by the stout of heart willing to stomp through forests in damp, cool regions we've brought this delectable green to the co-op for your enjoyment! As with all these fresh springy foods... simple is best. Try sautéeing the ferns with a little sliced spring onion for a delicious side dish.

Spring is also wild turkey season in Yolo County. We've got the perfect spring spice to flavor your bird...fresh Juniper Berries. The flavor profile is akin to rosemary so it will pair well with strong and pungent flavors like onions and garlic or sage. These fresh dark blue colored berries will add a grassy herbal flavor to everything from gin to sauerkraut (and apparently even gingerbread, according to Google).

Spring is the season of new growth and renewal. Look for fresh spring aliums, micro greens, baby roots like turnips and parsnips. Cleanse your pallet with bitters like dandelion, mustard and mizuna greens, also great in fresh juices as a tonic.

Now that you've prepared the feast don't forget to adorn the table! Local flowers are in abundant supply. We've got mixed bouquets and assorted blooms from Full Belly and Yolo Bulb.

Happy Spring!

Bija Young ~ Produce Manager