Sponsorships and Donations

Looking for a donation or sponsorship? We’d love to hear about it. If you’re doing something local that supports our Ends, we may be able to lend a hand. The Davis Food Coop supports community events with donations in the form of $25-$50 gift cards. These can be used as prizes, silent auction items or to purchase food for events. We do not donate food or Deli items.

Efforts that focus on Davis, touch on food security, farming, cooperatives, or education are priorities for us. Grass-roots rather than national campaigns are more likely to garner our interest. Organizations are eligible for one donation per year, so please plan appropriately and decide when it is best to request your donation.

In order to request a donation, you must fill out this form. Email additional materials to admin@davisfood.coop with the subject heading "Supplemental Materials For Sponsorship Request From {your organization}." Please, no phone calls or drop in visits.

Donation requests are reviewed on a monthly basis, so we need you to submit your request no later than the 15th of the month prior to your event. For example, you must submit your donation request by February 15th for an event happening in March.

We give equal consideration to all eligible requests, and cannot expedite or make exceptions for requests made after the deadline.

Notes on eligibility:

  • Non-profit (501c3) status is preferred.
  • We do not give for religious purposes, but programs of religious organizations may qualify.
  • Past support of an organization or event is not a guarantee of future support.
  • We want to support organizations that contribute to these Ends:

Access to healthful, sustainable, higher quality, and locally grown and produced foods;
An improved environment and a more sustainable food system;
Education that leads to informed choices about health, food systems, the environment and cooperatives.

      Requests from the following will not be considered by the DFC:

      • Any organization that discriminates on the basis of race, creed, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or physical disability
      • Political or advocacy groups
      • Third-party fundraisers
      • Private clubs funded through membership fees
      • Scholarships
      • Individuals