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  • May-December 2017

    Q: I'm really happy about the decision to make the produce all organic! Would like to have the store also be all natural. Thanks.

    J. S.

    A: Organic produce is one way to support sustainable food systems, and we are so glad you’re happy! Officially, our Produce Department is both organic and conventional. We just happen to carry very little...


  • March/April 2017

    Awesome horchata and molasses cookie lattes. Keith designed the two lattes that we ordered today and he also made them. The drinks were sooooo yummy! Keith was also very friendly and talked to us too.

    J. R.

    A: Wow, thank you for those kind words! Keith is a first-rate barista and we’re so lucky to get to work with him. I’m personally addicted to...


  • January/February 2017

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    Q: I'd like to praise all the staff! Especially the new chef!! The Coop has made so many improvements and...