As a Co-op, our commitment to Sustainability is mirrored in our Principles & Co-operative Ends. Just a handful of our efforts toward a more sustainable universe are available for your perusal, in the left-hand sidebar.

Save a tree — bring a bag

We've made a commitment to reduce our impact on the environment. Our goal was to reduce our consumption of paper bags by Earth Day 2012. Starting April 22, 2011, the Co-op began charging 5¢ for each large handled paper bag used at check out. We continued to give a 5¢ rebate for each resuable bag brought in and used to pack your groceries. (For non-members, the bag charge is included in the non-member surcharge of 5%.)

All monies collected for paper bags have been donated to Tree Davis - more than $3,000 to date. More importantly, our bag usage has dropped from 4,500 large handled bags per week in 2011 to around 2,000 per week in 2012. So pack up those bags and join us in leading the effort to cut down on single use bags (instead of trees!).