Community Fund Application for Grant

The Davis Food Co-op and the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation established the Davis Cooperative Community Fund in 1995 to make donations to support local non-profit organizations.

We accepted 2015 applications from around Monday, February 16 until 5 PM on Friday, April 3, 2015. We encourage you to read the 2015 form with an eye on 2016, see if your group is eligible, and apply! The completed application should be submitted to:

Doug Walter, Membership Director
Davis Food Co-op
620 G Street
Davis CA 95616

or fax to (530) 758-5941, or email to Doug Walter (call to confirm receipt).

1. Grants in past years have ranged from $50 to $500. Please include a dollar figure that you request for a specific project (e.g. “to purchase trays for our meals program”).
2. Davis-based organizations will be given preference. Non-partisan and secular activities will be given preference. Requests for funds for reusable, renewable, or otherwise sustainable purchases or activities will be given preference; purchase of paper, postage, one-use printing/copying, labor or administrative overhead will receive lower priority. Requests for activities or groups outside of California will not be considered.

Requirements for eligibility for funding (funds may not be used for lobbying):
3. Must be a non-profit registered with the IRS (reg. 501 (c) 3, or other) or cooperative organization.
4. Circle which of the following categories your organization works in:
A. Agriculture, Food or Hunger
B. Community or Social Issues
C. Cooperatives
D. Environment
5. The applicant organization did not receive DCCF funding in the previous year.
6. Organizations receiving funds should publicize the award by:
• submitting press releases to the local media; and,
• putting a story in your own newsletter and providing the Fund with copies.
7. We may publicize your organization in our newsletter or in a press release. Please write no more than 250 words that best describes to the public the use you will make of a grant, and the valuable work of your organization in the local area (attach on separate sheet of paper).

Required Information:

• Name of Organization

• Address

• Contact Person
• Best way to contact you:
Phone #
Fax #
Email Address

• Type of organization (501(C) 3 or Cooperative)

• Project Description

The Davis Cooperative Community Fund is an active way for the Co-op to practice the Cooperative Principles adopted by the International Cooperative Alliance in Manchester, England in 1995. Donations to the DCCF are tax deductible and can be mailed to Davis Co-op Community Fund/TPCF, care of Davis Food Co-op, 620 G Street, Davis, CA 95616.

7th Cooperative Principle: Concern for Community. Cooperatives work for the sustainable development of their communities through policies approved by their members. (They have a special responsibility to ensure that the development of their communities economically, socially and culturally is sustained. They have a responsibility to work steadily for the environmental protection of those communities).