Community Support: Sponsorships and Donations

The Co-op encourages any organization or event serving the community to approach us for a sponsorship or donation. The Co-op sees sponsorships as opportunities to support community organizations, strengthen the Co-op’s relationships with local groups and increase our public exposure.

Co-op sponsorships differ from Co-op donations in two major ways:
• Sponsorships generally involve gifts of $50 or more.
• Sponsorships assume public recognition of the Co-op’s gift(s).

If you are interested in a donation of a Co-op Gift Card, please read our Donation Guidelines and then email Julie Cross, Co-op Education & Marketing Director. We ask that donation requests be made in writing (although this may be an informal note) at least seven days in advance of the date the Gift Card donation is needed.

The Co-op also donates profits from our wine and beer tastings to a different local non-profit organization each quarter. Wine & beer tastings make for a lively public setting and an opportunity for respresentatives from your organization to meet the public face to face. To request that your organization be a wine tasting beneficiary, please email Julie Cross, Co-op Education & Marketing Director.

The Marketing Coordinator currently handles all sponsorship requests. Sponsorships may be large or small and may include gifts of cash, gift certificates or Co-op products. To explore other sponsorship options or to discuss an ongoing partnership with the Co-op, please email Julie Cross, Co-op Education & Marketing Director, to set up an appointment. To request a Davis Food Co-op sponsorship, download and complete our Sponsorship Request Form and submit it to Julie Cross. Please email, mail, fax or drop off the form. Note that forms must be received no less than four weeks prior to the event.

What kind of groups receive Co-op sponsorships?

We encourage any group to request a sponsorship.

The Co-op seeks to support local events and programs with the following goals:
• Community & consumer education;
• Advancement of cooperative efforts: consumer co-ops, housing co-ops, farm production co-ops, worker collectives, or other proposed cooperative ventures;
• Improving the nutritional quality of food, improving the sustainability of food production, or encouraging small-scale or local food technology;
• Promotion of community health & fitness, especially in children;
• Advancement of community arts;
• Community enrichment of any kind.
• Charities that provide relief or foster physical, mental, or community health are also urged to request sponsorship of their fundraising events.

Some recent sponsorships:

Children's Therapy Center
California Cooperative Development Center
Davis Farm to School Connection
Davis Little League Opening Day
Davis Parent Nursery School
Davis Turkey Trot
Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts
Hoes Down Harvest Festival
Red Cross of Yolo County
Sutter Hospital Roast-A-Doc
UC Davis East Quad Farmer's Market
UC Davis Picnic Day
The Village Feast
Whole Earth Festival
Yolo Ag Futures Alliance
Yolo County Meals on Wheels
Yolo Land Trust