Round Up at the Registers

Loose change really adds up! Round Up At The Registers is our answer to scrip. Next time you check out, say "I'd like to Round Up," and we'll turn that change into a sturdy check for the school of the month. You can donate more if you like, just tell the cashier to round up to your preferred amount.

This program is available to all DJUSD elementary & junior high PTAs. Are you a PTA member? Email to make sure you're on the list for the next year:


2016-17 Schedule

June 2016: Da Vinci Academy Junior High

July 2016: Birch Lane Elementary

August 2016: Pioneer Elementary

September 2016: Fairfield Elementary

October 2016: Cesar Chavez Elementary

November 2016: North Davis Elementary

December 2016: STEAC (Short Term Emergency Aid Committee)

January 2017: Holmes Junior High

February 2017: Fred T. Korematsu Elementary

March 2017: Willett Elementary

April 2017: Harper Junior High

May 2017: Emerson Junior High

June 2017: Marguerite Montgomery Elementary