Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meet monthly at the Teaching Kitchen, located at 537 G Street. Please join the conversation by keeping an eye on our Events Calendar for the next meeting. Owners are encouraged to attend and have their voices heard.

Who are The Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors are local Owners, elected by Owners, who volunteer their time to the Co-op. They act on the community’s behalf to ensure a vibrant cooperative vision.

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Sharon Tobar ('20, President)

I serve on the board to 1) support my favorite community institution 2) expand access to fresh, local, organic and sustainably produced foods and 3) be involved in planning it's future.


J. Faye Dixon ('21, Vice President)

I believe in cooperative business that helps to connect people to locally sourced food, while also contributing to the vibrancy of the community.


Karen Rich (‘20, Treasurer)

I serve on the board because I believe in the cooperative form of business. It is unique as a democratically-owned and controlled type of institution.


Samantha Conselman ('22, Secretary)

I serve on the board because I believe in the future of the Davis Food Co-op and want to take a more active role in realizing all future potential of the DFC. I believe in and want to continue to grow the DFC's ability to meet our ends, to serve as a community hub for all residents, and to be a model of a successful, vibrant, cooperatively run business.


Sandra Schickele (’22)

I enjoy working with others to help the DFC provide our community with healthy food in an inviting, well run store.


E. Kim Coontz ('22)

I serve on the DFC board because I want to be a part of helping this dynamic community institution run effectively. I believe that cooperative enterprise is an important business model because it focuses on how to serve members rather than how to maximize profit.


Treva Valentine ('20)

Having been a long time co-op member I am excited to be a board director. I intend to take an active role in steering our co-op to meet the new challenges in this increasingly, competitive business while keeping our mission of healthy, organic, locally sourced, quality food at a competitive price.


Theresa Robinson ('21)

I serve on the board because the cooperative business model and the mission of the Davis Food Coop align with my own values. I have enjoyed this vibrant community establishment since I first resided in Davis. I hope to help serve in making sure that its ends continue to be met, to satisfy owners and staff, and to help it run successfully as a thriving business.


Patrick Beckett ('21)

I serve on the Davis Food Co-op board because it is a community resource I greatly value, and I firmly believe in the cooperative business model. I have the interest and ability to help preserve and promote the DFC, particularly in the areas of sustainability and strategic planning. My general goal as a board member is to help ensure achievement of the DFC’s ends while being cognizant of and responsive to the will of the Co-op’s ownership.



What They Do

Acting on behalf of our owners, the Board ensures the success of the cooperative by working together effectively, empowering and holding accountable professional management, providing strategic leadership for our cooperative, and perpetuating our democratic organization.

Using the model of Policy Governance, they communicate with Owners to set appropriate goals for the Co-op (called Ends Policies) and work with the General Manager to reach those goals. Our current Ends Policies:

The Davis Food Cooperative exists so that our current and future Owners and other people in the community have:

  • A thriving cooperatively owned business;
  • Access to healthful, local and high-quality food;
  • A store that makes environmental sustainability a priority; and,
  • Staff who are valued, educated and motivated.

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meet regularly on the second Monday of (almost) every month. These meetings (except for closed sessions on specific matters) are open to any Owner in good standing. Notice of any special or emergency Board meetings will be posted in the store.

The Meetings are held in the Co-op Teaching Kitchen, 537 G Street, starting at 6:30 PM. The Teaching Kitchen is across the street from the Co-op, on the southwest corner of 6th and G Streets.

If you are interested in a topic that has been discussed at a past Board meeting, please check our Minutes page, where you can access minutes of previous Board meetings. They are generally posted one month after the meeting, as they must first be approved by the Directors.

Please come and join us to be part of an exciting conversation about the Co-op's future!

How to Get Involved

Communicating with Owners is one of the most important responsibilities of the Directors. We call this process Owner Linkage. Finding Owner Engagement activities and events is as simple as checking our Facebook page or Events Calendar.

Owners have the right to elect the Cooperative's Board, to attend meetings of the Board, to receive notice an attend Owner Meetings, to petition as described in the Bylaws, and to approve amendments to the Bylaws. Each Owner is assigned one vote and must be in good standing for these rights to apply to them.

Owners can work personally with Board Members and other Owners by joining a Board Committee or Task Force.

Board Committees and Task Forces

Committees and Task Forces consisting of Directors, staff, and Owners that report to the Board of Directors help provide assistance in various aspects of Co-op governance. Participating on a Committee or Task Force is a great way to learn about Co-op governance. Committees and Task Forces are reviewed every year and each operates on a different meeting schedule. You can apply to join a committee or task force here. Not all of them will be able to accept new members.

1. Owner Engagement Committee

The Owner Engagement Committee provides a forum for Owners' ideas and concerns, monitors the Board's communication with Owners, including the Board Blog, and plans and execute initiatives for Owners to meet with Directors and be educated about the role of the Board. The committee also plans the Annual Meeting for Owners.

2. Finance Committee

This committee facilities the directors review and synthesis of the store financial statement, works with the General Manager and Chief Financial Officer to prepare an annual budget for the store and report to the Board on the budget, and coordinates the annual store financial audit/review.

3. Board Development Committee

The Board Development Committee develops a plan to identify and recruit well-qualified board members, develops an application and orientation process for candidates that includes meetings with prospective candidates and current Director and develops materials for a Board candidate application packet in coordination with the Co-ops Marketing Manager. The committee also coordinates educational opportunities for current Directors.

4. Governance Committee

The Governance Committee reviews polices and proposed revisions and new policies and procedures to support the Co-op and the Board's oversight role. The committee also develops and proposes to the Board procedures for each election.

5. Strategic Planning Task Force

The Strategic Plan Task Force works with the store's general manager and her appointees to draft a Strategic Plan for DFC that is led by the Ends Statement and incorporates stakeholder feedback.

6. Board Leadership Transition Task Force

The Board Leadership Transition Task Force develops and implements a process to assist the Board in selecting officers for the upcoming board year.