2019 Election Results

On June 10, 2019, the Board of Directors voted to accept the results of the election as follows:

A total of 1125 (11 %) of our 10231 eligible Owners voted in the 2019 Spring Election. The electorate approved the 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes by a vote of 998 (99.2 %) vs. 8 (0.8%), and welcomed the following as Directors:

1) Kim Coontz, with 935 votes (23.8%)

2) Sandra Schickele, with 844 votes (21.5%)

3) Samantha Conselman, with 805 votes (20.5%)

4) Patrick Beckett, with 691 votes (17.6%)

There are 3 seats that would each serve 3-year terms which would go to the top-3 vote getters. The fourth seat is a 2-year term and would go to the fourth-place vote getter. Pursuant to the results of the election, Kim Coontz, Sandra Schickele, and Samantha Conselman, have been elected to each serve a 3-year term on the Board (2019-2022), and Patrick Beckett has been elected to serve a 2-year term on the Board (2019-2021).

Thanks to all the Co-op owners who voted!


Each Spring, we look for three new Directors on our Board.

The Davis Food Co-op is a democratic business, owned and democratically governed by our Owners. The Board of Directors are Owners who are elected to represent the other Owners. The Board ensures that the Co-op’s Ends and operations support a vital, thriving co-op that meets the needs and vision of our Owners and our larger community.

Representing the Owners is extremely important and at times challenging. The work of the Board of Directors has an incredible impact on how the Co-op grows and adapts to a changing world and marketplace. It’s important that Board members be able to work together to ask tough questions and think innovatively about the future of the Co-op.


Board Directors are volunteers for a term of three years and commit to working about 15 hours a month. In exchange, Directors receive 16.5% off all their purchases at the Co-op and have dinner during their monthly Board meetings. Directors also gain skills through training and experience that support their professional and personal development.


  • Be a Co-op shareholder in good standing.
  • Prepare for, attend, and participate in monthly Board meetings.
  • Serve on one or two committees or task forces.
  • Attend and participate in a day-long annual retreat in the Fall.
  • Participate in Board training workshops, conferences and fun events.
  • Attend the Annual Meeting in May.
  • Participate in Board and staff events throughout the year.
  • Read and respond to emails that are sent regularly.
  • Do independent study of the co-op movement and our chosen management style, policy governance.

Beneficial Experiences

  • Business acumen
  • Communication skills
  • Management or board experience
  • Financial Literacy
  • Strategic thinking experience
  • Teamwork
  • Knowledge of cooperative principles and values
  • Knowledge of the Davis Food Co-op

The deadline for the 2019 election has passed, but if you think you’d be interested next year, contact the Board and find out about serving on a Board committee to gain experience until then.


A cooperative is a democratically controlled business. The Owners elect the Board, who represent the interests of all Owners.

This year, we have five candidates:

  • Kim Coontz
  • Sandra Schickele
  • Patrick Beckett
  • Samantha Conselman
  • Andreas Booher

2019 Spring Election starts on May 13 and closes at 10 pm on May 30, 2019. On May 13, owners in good standing will receive their voting ballot in their mailboxes and in their e-mail box. This year we are conducting a hybrid election through a third party Simply Voting, Inc., permitting both paper and electronic ballots, for the Davis Food Co-op.

This year we are voting for three full-term directors and one director to complete the remaining two years of a vacant seat. There is also a vote to approve our 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes.

If you didn't get your e-mail or receive the mailer or if you lost it, please email us admin@davisfood.coop so we can re-issue the voting credentials.

If you have further questions, please contact our General Manager Prasanna Regmi, pregmi@davisfood.coop, at (530) 758-2667, ext 110, or email the current Board of Directors at board@davisfood.coop


Nominations & Candidacy:
1) The Board will approve a Candidate’s Packet containing the following:
a) A description of qualifications for service on the Board of Directors,
b) A description of the duties and responsibilities of a Board member, including an estimate of the time commitment required,
c) A description of campaign expectations and Policies, and
d) A “Statement of Candidacy” form.

2) Any Member in Good Standing (as defined in Article IV of the Bylaws) may nominate her/himself by completing the Statement of Candidacy form and submitting it to the Co-op by the close of business on March 22, 2019.

3) Each Declared Candidate is expected (but not required) to submit a statement outlining his/her qualifications for Board service by March 22, 2019. The Statement is limited to 250 words and should be accompanied by a recent photo. Statements received by March 22, 2019 will be made available to voters in print and on the Co-op Website.

4) Each Declared Candidate is expected (but not required) to deliver a Campaign Speech at the Annual Meeting on May 2, with a time limit to be determined by Staff in charge of the meeting.

The text of any Initiative Petition presented to the Board for a vote in the election must be received by the start of the April 8, 2019 Board Meeting.

Election Materials:
1) Election & Voting information will be distributed to all eligible voters under the supervision of the Marketing Manager and will include the following:
a) The name (and photo and Candidate’s Statement, if provided) of each Declared Candidate who meets the qualifications for Board service.
b) The text of any Initiative Petition meeting the requirements above.
c) An analysis of each Initiative Proposition, if any, approved by the Board.
d) Arguments for and against each Ballot Proposition, if any, 250 words or less submitted by April 16, with a limit of one “For” and one “Against” each proposition.
e) Instructions for voting by all methods available.

2) All above material will also be available on the Co-op’s website for the duration of the Election.

1) The Board will appoint one Inspector of Elections to oversee the voting process.

2) Simply Voting, Inc. will conduct a “hybrid” election, i.e. one permitting both paper and electronic ballots, for the Davis Food Co-op.
3) Simply Voting will receive electronic votes from members, providing security and preventing fraudulent or duplicate voting using current best industry practices.
4) Simply Voting will receive all paper ballots, and will count all ballots postmarked by May 30 and received by June 4, subject to reasonable verification and security procedures.
5) Simply Voting will provide the Board with certified results of the Election by June 6 and will return all paper ballots and other records to the Board by June 28, 2019.
6) Results of the Election will become final upon acceptance by the Board of Directors at a duly called meeting of the Board.


2/11: Board approves Election and Annual Meeting Calendar, Election Procedures and Annual Meeting Plans.

2/15: Post Election Calendar, Elections Procedures & Annual Meeting date.

3/4: Board of Directors potential candidates Orientation.

3/22: Deadline for Owners to declare candidacy for the Board of Directors.

4/8: Deadline for Owners to present initiatives for the election.

5/2: Annual Meeting, opportunities to hear candidate speeches.

5/13: Election Mailer mailed to Owners in good standing. Voting begins, in-store election kickoff.

5/30: Voting ends with store closing.

6/6: Receive certified elections results from Simply Voting.

6/10: Board accepts election results from Simply Voting at last 2018-2019 Board Meeting.

7/8: New Directors seated at first 2019-20 Board meeting.

Past Elections