Owners of the Co-op

  • own fully-refundable shares in an independent, cooperatively-run business,
  • enjoy special coupons and offers,
  • support local farms, local artisans and our local food system,
  • get 10% off advance registration for cooking classes in our Teaching Kitchen,
  • save 20% on Owner Extras (20 different items each month are discounted for Owners only!),
  • receive a Patronage Refund (when allocated by the Board),
  • are eligible for free tickets to our Annual Owner Meeting & dinner,
  • vote in Co-op elections,
  • enjoy a 30-Day Return Policy–no receipt necessary, and more!

Joining Is Easy

Fill out an application at the registers, purchase your first $10 worth of shares, pay a $5 processing fee, and congratulations! You're an Owner and Shareholder of the Co-op.

The Annual Investment Is $20

Owners invest $20 each calendar year until they've accrued $300 in Davis Food Co-op shares. Your annual share purchase keeps your Ownership active while providing the Co-op with working capital. Your shares are fully refundable.

Community Discount

Owners of the Co-op who are experiencing acute financial hardship or paying for groceries with EBT or WIC vouchers may be entitled to our 5% "Community Discount." Please fill out this form to apply.

Need A Key Chain Card?

Request new Co-op cards or key chain cards here.

Your Shares Are Fully Refundable

You may withdraw your Ownership at any time by filling out this withdrawal form, and you may request a refund or donate your shares to the Co-op. Another way to withdraw is to mail a letter containing your name, signature, the date, the statement "I wish to cancel my Ownership and withdraw (or donate) my shares," and a mailing address to which we may send a check for your share investment, to

Ownership Coordinator
Davis Food Co-op
620 G Street
Davis, CA 95616-3753

Refund checks may take as little as four weeks to process, though the Co-op has a full year to honor your request.

Update Your Address

To uphold your responsibility as an Owner, please let us know when your contact info changes. You may submit updates here.

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Opt-in to receive our Weekly Specials or our monthly eNewsletter here.

Non-Owners Are Welcome. Tell A Friend!

Everyone is welcome to shop, and in 2015 we removed a pesky "surcharge" that non-Owners used to pay for groceries. Only Owners may vote, receive special coupons and deals, and receive a Patronage Refund. There are many benefits (see top of page) that make Ownership a financial no-brainer. And there's the feeling that comes from investing in community and being part of an organism that supports sustainable systems, better options for farms, more choices for families and a lighter impact on the planet. If you're an Owner, encourage people you know to join. Co-op ownership is a great way to invest in the future.


Photos by Holly Istas


Email Andrew Steward, Ownership Coordinator, or phone (530) 758-2667 ext. 145.