Sharon Tobar


I serve on the board to 1) support my favorite community institution 2) expand access to fresh, local, organic and sustainably produced foods and 3) be involved in planning it’s future.

J. Faye Dixon

Vice President

I believe in cooperative business that helps to connect people to locally sourced food, while also contributing to the vibrancy of the community.

Samantha Conselman


 I believe in and want to continue to grow the DFC’s ability to meet our ends, to serve as a community hub for all residents, and to be a model of a successful, vibrant, cooperatively run business.

Angelo Esquivel


I am really proud to be part of the Davis Food Co-op, a place where our community can have access to quality local food. I will put forth my enthusiasm and passion to connect more people in our community to better understand the importance of food co-ops in our city.

Johanna Abasto

Board Member

I am very honored and thrilled to be part of the Davis Food Co-op Board of Directors. I believe in the cooperative business model and I look forward to supporting access to locally grown produce and wholesome foods while making our store more accessible to all people in our community. 

Alicia Baddorf

Board Member

As a local farmer-supporter, vegetable lover, and former farmer with years of experience working with the agriculture community in the Greater Sacramento Region, my values and vision align with the mission of the Davis Food Co-op to provide high quality food to our community and supporting local producers.

Prasanna Regmi

Board Member

I love that the Davis Food Co-op is a community institution that provides nutritional food while keeping sustainability in mind. I serve the co-op because I believe in its shared business model. I realize the importance of supporting our local economy and love how Food Co-ops embody this in their day-to-day operations.

Lara Sozer

Board Member

Everyone should have access to healthy, nutritious food at an affordable price. Whether you are a foodie looking for a wide variety of local produce, or a busy individual looking for affordable and healthy food at your convenience, as your representative, I will ensure the co-op serves you.