Co-operative Principle #5 is Education, Training, and Information. This means very simply that the Davis Food Co-op is responsible for educating, training, and informing our owners, shoppers, and staff on related matters inside and outside the store. 

We educate and inform our staff and owners through pamphlets on seasonal produce, how to store your produce, biking guides, and many more coming soon! We offer cooking class in our teaching kitchen and currently we are offering free virtual classes to keep our community eating healthy! 

We keep our staff educated and trained through store-wide and departmental huddles, video training, and occasionally at the customer service desk, you’ll see raffle boxes for staff competitions! A big piece of this principle is communication, without this education, training, and information sharing cannot be successful. To keep a clear path of communication, we have a staff suggestion box in our break room and a customer suggestion box at the customer service desk and on our website. During this month, we are having a staff and board directors “town hall” type meeting, to ensure that our efforts are collaborative and stress the importance of everyone’s role in the store.

This month is Co-op Month! So grab one of our new pamphlets on our history and learn about where the Davis Food Co-op is headed!