All Co-ops have a collaborative goal to help all co-ops succeed. Co-op owners knew from early on that the most effective way to strengthen the cooperative movement is by working together through local, national, regional, and international structures. There are many reasons this principle quickly became internationally recognized: the weakness of independent operations and it creates a sounder operating practices. Co-operative Principle #6 is Cooperation among Cooperatives. Although we are autonomous and Independent, as explained in Principle #4, we still work together. 

Co-ops share ideas and information on everything! There are groups for marketing team collaboration, national team-building conferences, and cooperative consulting companies that assist in training. The National Co-op Grocers was formed in 2008 to give Co-op Grocers a hand while up against Grocery Giants. This National Marketing and Producer Co-op is to thank for our Co+Deals and Co+Basics in-store, as well as much of our packaging in the meat, cheese, and deli departments.

The Davis Food Co-op works with other co-ops all over the world! We work with Pachamama Coffee Farmer Cooperative and La Riojana Winery Co-op. Nationally, we work with Sno Isle Co-op to improve both our Green Team efforts, we have helped Medford Co-op create their curbside pick up program, and we have helped the Benicia community create their Cultivate Community Food Co-op. We regularly collaborate with our local co-ops and occasionally participate in merchandise swaps to create gift packages. The cooperation among cooperatives is at the heart of our efforts and we are always looking to find new ways to cooperate!