Principle #7 covers all the education, outreach, donations, and community support that the Davis Food Co-op gives or helps with. The Davis Food Co-op is hard at work, assisting local organizations battle food insecurity in our community. We regularly donate food to the Yolo Food Bank, Freedge, and the Davis Night Market. We recently, with the help of the UC Davis Freedge Chapter, installed a Freedge outside the Co-op. We fill it up daily with food that would be donated.  

The Davis Food Co-op also runs a monthly Round Up at the Registers Program. Round up to the nearest dollar at check out and that money gets donated to a local organization. This October it is Thriving Pink, which offers financial and emotional support to people battling breast cancer and breast cancer survivors in Davis and surrounding communities. 

Along with our Round Up Program, we make annual donations to educational programs and Davis festivals to make them accessible to everyone.