The second cooperative principle dives deeper into a very important aspect of what is presented in the first principle. A cooperatively owned business is truly owned by its members and therefore, it is governed by a democratic decision making process. Owners actively participate in setting policies and making decisions through either electing or joining the Board of Directors. Each Owner has equal voting rights upon joining the cooperative and elected representatives are accountable to the Ownership.

The Davis Food Co-op’s Board of Directors largely focuses on Policy Governance, which helps focus the board’s responsibilities into three areas: setting long term ends (or outcomes) and organizational limits; holding the General Manager accountable for organizational performance within those ends and limits; and creating an active dialogue with Member-Owners about updating the ends of the organization. Ends policies are supposed to answer the overarching questions: what changes, for which people or need, and at what cost?

Each May, Elections for the Davis Food Co-op Board of Directors is held. In order for an Owner to run for an open seat on the Board, they must:

• Be a DFC shareholder in good standing.
• Prepare for, attend, and participate in monthly Board meetings and the Annual Ownership Meeting in May.
• Serve on one or two committees or task forces.
• Attend and participate in a day-long annual retreat in the Fall and/or Spring.
• Participate in Board training, as well as workshops, conferences, and DFC events throughout the year.
• Regularly read and respond to email correspondence.
• Devote time to learning about the co-op movement and the board decision-making tool Policy Governance.

Learn more about our Board of Directors and becoming a DFC Owner.