Gyspy & Lolo is based out of Arcata, CA. Their mission is “To feel good and do good! To support local manufacturers, use Earth-friendly fabrics, give back to social causes, and inspire people to share in the possibility of a sustainable future.”

Gypsy and Loic are the husband-wife design team behind Gypsy and LoLo. They went to school at FIDM and the Academy of Pattern Making and Design in San Francisco.

“As we considered our children’s future and the planet’s, we were inspired to start making clothing that was natural, sustainable, and of course unique and fun.”

Along with creating sustainably designed and produced products, they are proud donors to Trees for the Future, Greenpeace Fund, Vote Hemp, and Whole Planet Foundation.

product sourcing

Gypsy and Lolo is dedicated to using quality and/or recycled materials. 

They recover 100% cotton scraps, sort by color and break down, blend that with recycled polyester to add strength and color, spin fibers into yarn, then finally knit into plush fabrics. 

Gypsy and Lolo also find and recover production remnants and sample yardage from cutting rooms to recycle and use. This saves huge amounts of energy, water, and gives the materials a second chance at life. This recovery and reusing makes every style unique and limited edition.


“Our goal is to create long-term dependable employment opportunities for indigenous artisans in Peru and Bolivia, and to connect thoughtful consumers with the people and ancient cultural traditions behind our products.”

Andes gifts products are handmade, comfortable, stylish, and functional. They build stability for artisans and their families in the Andes Mountains. 

“Our mission is to create employment opportunities for Aymara and Quechua artisans that allow them to remain within their local community while earning a reliable income.”

Product sourcing

“We believe in people over profits.”

As you may have learned in our Blog about Co-operative principle #6: Co-operation Among Co-operative, Co-ops are everywhere! Andes partners with cooperatives in rural communities throughout Peru and Bolivia. New designs are created each year and Ande’s empowers artisans through long-term employment opportunities, consistent projects, and flexible work schedules. Many of our artisans enjoy teaching their children and grandchildren the traditional knitting techniques that have been passed down through generations of Andean women for centuries.

Meet some featured artisans on their website: https://andesgifts.com/pages/artisans

All Ande’s yarn is from local textile companies within Peru and Bolivia. “Knitting warm clothing from alpaca fiber has played a significant role in indigenous culture in Peru and Bolivia for centuries. The alpaca fiber in our products is certified Peru Fair Trade.” They also use recycled polyester, cotton, and merino wool.