The Davis Food Co-op exists to serve as a community store and gathering place for current and future owners, so they have:
A thriving cooperatively owned business,
Access to healthful, local and high-quality food,
A store that makes environmental sustainability a priority and,
Staff who are valued, educated and motivated.

When the Davis Food Co-op started as a buying club of 10 households in 1972, they had a vision of changing the food system in the City of Davis to make the bountiful healthy and local foods in our region more accessible. Every decision that has been made from that point on has been done so to ensure that DFC is always providing its Owners and customers with the best available food that stay true to that vision.

Co-ops are the foundation of the natural foods industry as we know it today and DFC has consistently been focused on reamining the premiere grocery store for natural foods in Davis. Our Produce department is filled with primarily organic produce and we always prioritize bringing it in from local farms. Buying local produce ensures freshness and a high quality product for Owners and customers that are focused on purchasing healthy foods. Local produce is also more healthy for the planet as a whole since the food traveled less, which means less gas and packaging used during the process of getting on to our shelves. The prevalance of organic goods also means that you can be sure that the farm that grew the food did so without harmful pesticides.

Aside from just the Produce department, the whole store effort that DFC has taken to stock local goods has resulted in a current lineup of 447 local vendors that operate within 100 miles of the store. We make every effort to promote these products in store with “local” signage, promotions and social media highlights. As a locally owned business itself, DFC will always look to work with as many other local businesses as possible, especially those that are also providing high quality and healthful foods!