Recipe: Beef Stroganoff #2


6 oz (uncooked) pasta
1 tsp. olive oil
8 mushrooms, sliced thin
1/2 yellow onion, sliced thin
5 ounces beef stir fry mix
1 cup beef broth
1 Tbsp. cornstarch dissolved in 2 Tbsp. cold broth
1/4 cup sour cream or yogurt


Cook onions in oil 2-3 minutes.  Add mushrooms and sauté 3 minutes.  Remove & reserve.  Cook steak in same pan. Remove from pan when barely cooked.  Turn heat to high, add broth and cook 5 minutes.  Turn to low, add veg and meat.  Add cornstarch/broth mixture and stir until sauce thickens slightly.  Turn off heat and add sour cream.  Serve over cooked pasta.