Recipe: Confetti Cream Cheese - #2


8 oz. cream cheese
4-5 green onions
1 cup loose baby spinach leaves
15 slices canned water chestnuts
1 carrot
1 tsp. lemon juice


Put the cream cheese in a bowl and set it on the counter so it warms up a little. Cold cream cheese is very hard to stir!

Wash all the vegetables except the canned water chestnuts. Dry the spinach off in a salad spinner, or with a towel.

Chop up the onions, the water chestnut and the spinach. You want to make them pretty small.

Take a vegetable peeler and peel about 15 long strips off the carrot. Put all the strips in a pile and chop them up. Eat the rest of the carrot.

Put the vegetables in the bowl with the cream cheese. Sprinkle the lemon juice and a tiny bit of salt over the cream cheese. Now stir everything together until it’s all mixed.

Eat right away, or put a lid on it and put it in the fridge for later.