Recipe: Deviled Eggs

If you’re from certain parts of the country, deviled eggs are an absolute requirement for holiday meals. They should be part of the relish plate, along with celery stuffed with peanut butter or cheese, sweet and dill pickles and black and green olives.


Mustard powder


Figure 1 egg per person, unless you know from experience that your family will eat more. Put eggs straight from the fridge in a large saucepan with a lid. Cover with cold water. Bring to a boil over medium heat. As soon as the water boils, put the lid on the pan and remove it from the heat. Let stand for 10 minutes. Run cold water over eggs. Hot boiled eggs are hard to work with; it’s best to refrigerate them for at least 1 hour before peeling. Peel eggs carefully. Slice egg in half the long way and put the yolks in a bowl. Mash the yolks with a fork and add enough mayonnaise to make a smooth paste. Add salt and mustard powder to taste. Fill the egg white halves with the yolk mixture and sprinkle very lightly with paprika. Can be made 24 hours in advance.