2024 Election Calendar

12/6/23: Elections Calendar posted on the store Governance Board and on the DFC website

1/1/24: Declaration of Candidacy period opens

1/5/24: Deadline for receipt of Owner Initiatives for the election

1/31/24: Declaration of Candidacy period closes (Deadline for Owners to declare their interest for the Board of Directors at the close of the store)

3/21/24: Declared candidates can arrange to use the free speech area near the Tomato sculpture to share information about their candidacy with Member-Owners

5/4/24: Last day to campaign

5/4/24: Annual Meeting and start of the election. Online elections ballot is sent to Member-Owners at the start of the Annual Meeting

5/4/24: Voting begins at the start of the Annual Meeting

5/18/24: Voting ends at store closing

6/10/24: Board accepts election results at last Board Meeting of the Board Year

7/8/24: New Directors seated at first Board Meeting of Board Year



The Board works on behalf of the Member-Ownership, to set the mission of the Co-op as well as monitor the operations and management of the store. 


Director candidates must be committed to the Ends Statement of the Davis Food Co-op. Board Directors are volunteers for a term of three years and commit to working about 15 hours a month.


To thank them for their efforts and involvement, the Davis Food Co-op Directors receive 16.5% off all of their purchases at the Co-op. Our Directors also gain a variety of useful skills, such as business acumen, management experience, high-level communication, financial literacy, strategic thinking, and teamwork. 

Minimum Requirements

  • Be a DFC shareholder in good standing.
  • Prepare for, attend, and participate in monthly Board meetings and the Annual Ownership Meeting in May.
  • Serve on one or two committees or task forces.
  • Attend and participate in a day-long annual retreat in the Fall and/or Spring.
  • Participate in Board training, as well as workshops, conferences, and DFC events throughout the year.
  • Regularly read and respond to email correspondence.
  • Devote time to learning about the co-op movement and the board decision-making tool Policy Governance.

How to become a Candidate for the Board

Member-Owners that are interested in running for a seat on the Board of Directors in 2024 will be able to express that interest from 1/1/24 – 1/31/24 by filling out a Declaration of Candidacy form

If you have questions, you can email the Board of Directors at [email protected].

How to get involved without being on the Board

  • Attend the Annual Meeting 
  • Attend one or more board meetings
  • Meet with a current or former Director
  • Apply to serve on a Board committee

Learn More about the Board here


  2023 Election Results

On June 26, 2023, the Board of Directors voted to accept the results of the 2023 Spring Election:

A total of 820 (9.7%) of our 8,452 eligible owners voted in the 2023 Spring Election.

The electorate voted to elect three new Board Members to three-year terms. The electorate voted as follows:

  1. Briza Ramirez (nominated to 2023-2026 term) with 533 votes (24.7%)
  2. Anna Lopez (withdrew candidacy*) with 521 votes (24.1%)
  3. Jonathan Groveman (nominated to 2023-2026 term) with 441 votes (20.4%)
  4. Susan Pelican (nominated to 2023-2026 term) with 346 votes (16%)
  5. Taylor Baldwin (not elected) with 251 votes (11.6%)
  6. 68 voters (3.1%) decided to Abstain

* Briza Ramirez and Anna Lopez, who garnered the highest number of votes, are both members of the Davis Food Co-op staff. Presently, there is only one seat on the Board available for a DFC staff member with the first seat belonging to fellow staff member Angelo Esquivel in accordance with Bylaw 5.1 Number and Composition, where it states: “ A maximum of two eligible owners who are paid employees of the Cooperative may serve as Members of the Board at any one time.” Due to this reason, Anna Lopez withdrew her candidacy from the elections, giving a seat instead to Susan Pelican who received the fourth most votes.


The electorate also selected four organizations as future Round Up at the Register recipients through our Vote for Change program. The electorate elected the following organizations:

  1. California Raptor Center (elected for June 2023) with 323 votes (10.7%)
  2. Yolo Land Trust (elected for August 2023) with 310 votes (10.3%)
  3. Community Alliance with Family Farmers (elected for July 2023) with 307 votes (10.2%)
  4. Yolo County Care Continuum (elected for September 2023) with 269 votes (8.9%)

Thank you to all Co-op Owners who voted!