Back to School Sale

Stock up for Back to School (or just enjoy this middle of the Summer Sale)! All customers will get $25 off of $100 or more* on Saturday 8/19 and Sunday 8/20

* Limit one use per customer. All orders over $100, regardless of the total amount, will automatically receive the onetime $25 discount to their order. The discount will be applied immediately and cannot be redeemed at a later date. The following purchase exclusions apply and do not count towards the $100 necessary to receive the discount:

  • Mermaid Sushi
  • Owner Equity Payments
  • DFC Gift Card purchases
  • Donations (such as Round-Up at the Register)
  • Co-op Cooking Classes
  • Event ticket purchases
  • Tickets the Co-op sells on behalf of other organizations or fundraisers
  • Bottle Deposits
  • Sales tax
  • Stamps
  • CRV
  • Paper Bag purchases
  • Alcohol purchases
  • CBD purchases


Aug 19 - 20 2023


All Day

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