#shellyeah Oyster Weekend!

  • 620 G Street
#shellyeah It's beginning to look a lot like... Oysters! Another fresh crop of Royal Miyagis and Kumamotos will arrive the weekend of December 22. Pre-order yours at the meat counter by December 19, so you're sure to get the amount you need for your Christmas Eve celebration, or just because they're shucking awesome! Buy 18 or more of these superfoods, save an extra 10% on top of the sale price.
(raised in Humbolt, CA)
Small and deeply-cupped with delicately scalloped shells, Kumamoto Oysters have a distincly buttery, sweet flavor.
Reg price-$1.75/ea
Sale price-$1.50
Royal Miyagi
(raised in British Columbia, CAN)
A mild, nutty flavor sets this oyster apart from its brethren. Try these roasted or broiled with a finish of lemon and chives.
Reg price-$1.35/ea
Sale price-$1.15

Kumamoto Oysters

Did you know a single oyster packs six grams of protein and nearly 3/4 of your recommended daily dose of Vitamin D?