Fun with Fermentation Series

  • Teaching Kitchen at the Davis Food Co-op
    537 G Street
    Davis, CA 95616

Fridays in April

Join us in the Teaching Kitchen for a series on Fermentation! Take the whole series or enjoy one or two classes. Pricing below. Whether it’s to preserve your crops or for the many health benefits or just for fun, there are so many wonderful reasons to explore this ancient art. Over four Fridays we will learn the basics of cultured dairy products like yogurt and cream cheese, beer brewing, pickles, kraut and kombucha and ending with sourdough starters and breads.

These classes will be primarily demonstration with some hands on components.

Week 1: Cultured Dairy Products

April 6th, 6pm

Explore the world of cultured dairy! We will make yogurt, buttermilk, cream cheese and more.

Week 2: Homebrewing

April 13th, 6pm

Join Peter Jensen for a discussion of the brewing process, a tour of the Co-op's Homebrew department, and an exploration of modern methods for successful homebrewing. We will taste several professional beers and examine recipes you can use to make similar brews in your kitchen.

Week 3: Pickles, Krauts and Kombucha

April 20th, 6pm

Join Melanie in the Teaching Kitchen and learn how to turn cabbage into Sauerkraut with just salt and a little elbow grease and how to take cucumbers and other vegetables and transform them into delicious briny pickles. Plus, learn how to use and maintain a scoby to make your own kombucha.

Week 4: Sourdough

April 27th, 6pm

Learn how to make and feed your starter, how to use the discard in various recipes and how to transform that starter into a crusty loaf of bread. Plus take home a jar of starter to start baking right away!

  • Capacity: 16
  • Available spaces: 14

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