Baking Basics Series

  • Teaching Kitchen at the Davis Food Co-op
    537 G Street
    Davis, CA 95616

Whether you are a novice baker or just need a refresher, brush up on your baking skills before the Holidays! Join us in the Teaching Kitchen for a series on Baking! Take the whole series (for a discounted rate) or enjoy one or two classes. All are 3-hour, hands on classes.

Baking Basics: Perfect Pies
Friday, September 14th, 6pm
Pie crust only has four ingredients, so it’s all in the technique. But once you know what it should look and feel like, you can add in flavorings, switch around the flours and make make all the sweet and savory pies, gallets and turnovers your heart desires.

Baking Basics: Cakes and Tortes
Saturday, September 15th, 2pm
Whether for a birthday or a holiday alternative to pie, everyone needs a few solid cake recipes under their belt. We will show you the classics and discuss adjusting and substituting ingredients to make your cake uniquely your own.

Baking Basics: Small Bites
Friday, September 21st, 6pm
The smell of fresh baked cookies evokes home and holidays. Join us for our third baking class where we will make crispy biscotti, crumbly savory shortbread and other classics. Plus, learn our tips for baking in large batches, recipe substitutions and make ahead tricks that make entertaining a breeze.

Baking Basics: Breads and Rolls
Saturday, September 22nd, 2pm
Like pie crust, breads are only made with a few ingredients, flour, water, salt and yeast. Learn how changing the water ratio and adding other ingredients like milk and eggs can change the texture and flavor of your home baked breads.

  • Capacity: 12
  • Available spaces: 11

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